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In Dahod district politics, the Congress party has clear edge over others. The Congress has bagged 4 MLA seats out of total 6 Assembly Constituencies in 2007 elections in Dahod district. The Congress ally NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) has won from Devgadhbaria Constituency. The BJP has managed to secure Randhikpur Constituency. The ruling BJP candidate Jasvantsinh Sumanbhai Bhabhor has defeated Baria Punabhai Jesinghbhai of the Congress in that elections. Maharau Tusharsinh Kanaksinh of the NCP defeated Patel Vijaykumar Pratapsinh of the BJP in 2007 contest. There may not be any change in the Congress's dominance in the district in 2012 elections as well. The things may only go out of 'hands' if the Congress fails miserably on cashing in on the usual anti - incumbency factor. See MLA winners and runners of 2007 elections here:

1) Limkheda Constituency: Smr. Bariya Chandrakaben Chhag of the Congress has defeated Bhabhor Babubhai Soniyabhai of the BJP.

2) Dohad Constituency: Damor Zitharabhai Bhurabhai of the BJP was defeated by Panada Vajesinghbhai Parsingbha of the Congress Party.

3) Limdi Constituency: Kishori Bachubhai Nathabhai of the INC has defeated his rival Bhuriya Maheshbhai Somjibhai of the BJP.

4) Devgadhbaria Constituency: This is the seat won by NCP candidate Maharaul Tusharsinh Kanaksing. The BJP candidate Patel Vijay Kumar Pratapsinh was declared runner in the contest.

5) Randhikpur Constituency: It is the only MLA seat won by BJP in Dahod district. Jasvantsinh Sumanbhai Bhabhor of the BJP won over this rival Congress nominee Baria Punabhai Jesinghbhai.

6) Jhalod Constituency: Machhar Ditabhai Bhimabhai of the Indian National Congress has defeated Katara Bhurabhai Jetabhai of the BJP.

MLA of Dangs Constituency: The Dangs constituency has only one Assembly segment, Dangs. That was secured by Patel Vijaybhai Rameshbhai of the BJP in 2007 Assembly elections. The Congress has fielded Mahubhai Jalyabhai Bhoye in that contest.

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