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The Sivarama Krishnan Committee, set up by the erstwhile UPA government to identify the suitable capital city for the state of Andhra Pradesh has submitted its report to the Union Home Ministry. The committee has opined that the region of Martur - Donakonda - Vinukonda will be the ideal locations of the capital city of AP.

Donakonda and Martur are in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh and Vinukonda is in Guntur District. Vinukonda and Donakonda are well connected to the other parts of Andhra Pradesh.

It is reported that the Sivarama Krishnan Committee is not in favour of Super Capital for AP as the state is well connected and Krishna and Guntur areas are already developed. The committee has suggested to spread the government establishments across the state to augment all round development of all the districts.

The Sivarama Krishnan Committee has suggested that the availability of lands will be a huge problem for Guntur - Vijayawada region. The area is known for paddy production and the capital city in the region will spoil the food security in the long run, committee opined.

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