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Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) Member Balance Information for Tamil Nadu Region EPFO is available at . You need to select your state to get all the regional offices display on the screen. The PF account balance and claim status information is available for the employees of the offices in regions of Chennai, Ambattur, Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy, Madurai, Tirunelvel, Nagercoil, Vellore, Tambaram and Pondicherry. You can check EPF withdrawal status also. Following are details of Region name, Region Code, Offie Code and office name.

1) TN Chennai - TN - MAS - Chennai
2) TN Chennai - TN - AMB - Ambattur
3) TN Coimbatore - CB - CBE - Coimbatore
4) TN Coimbatore - CB - SLM - Salem
5) TN Coimbatore - CB - TRY - Trichy
6) TN Madurai - MD - MDU - Madurai
7) TN MADURAI - MD - TNY - Tirunelveli
8) TN Madurai - MD - NKL - Nagercoil
9) TN Tambaram - TB - VLR - Vellore
10) TN Tambaram - TB - TAM - Tambaram
11) TN Tambaram - TB - PDY - Pondicherry

The Central and State Government employees and other employees of private establishments can avail this facility to check the available amount in their EPF accounts. URL for the Chennai Region EPFO office is . You can just replace the CHENNAI with any other office name (For example: AMBATTUR) given above and get the related details. The office name should be in capital letters only. Apart from EPF balance, you can also track and get the details of your latest withdrawals, transfers and approvals from the website.

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