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Disciplined diet is the most efficient way of preventing and curing number of ailments. Patients suffering with heart problems, diabetics and kidney related problems should follow certain diet norms to minimize the risks associated with the concerned diseases. General public along with patients should inculcate the habit of following a balanced diet. It is very common that dieticians advise high risk patients, those with chronic heart ailments, renal problems and diabetics, to never give up discipline in their diet. Following is the diet recommended by dieticians at a health exhibition organised by Apollo Hospitals for heart patients, diabetics and kidney patients:

1) Diet for heart patients:

a) Maintain ideal body weight
b) Avoid fat rich food like mutton, beef and pork
c) Take lean meat like fish and chicken in limited quantities
d) Restrict sugar, sweets, oil, burgers, pizza, noodles, aerated drinks, alcohol etc.
e) Eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, protein rich food.

2) Diet for diabetics:

a) Low fat and low cholesterol food
b) Avoid refined sugar, honey, glucose, Jagger, jam and jellies
c) Consume cereals, pulses, combination of cooking oils
d) Avoid deep fried foods, refined starch like corn flour, jelly powder, custard powder.
e) Avoid high calorie food like banana, mango, grapes, sapota, jack fruit.

3) Food for kidney patients:

a) Avoid salt, pickle, chutneys, all kinds of papad
b) All food items should be cooked without salt
c) Avoid dry fish, bacon, ham, raw vegetables, cheese, salted butter, canned food
d) Avoid mint, coriander, coconut chutney,chocolates, dates and nuts
e) Salt substitutes to be taken under doctor's advice.

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