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Jagadish Shivappa Shettar is the Chief Minister of Karnataka from July 2012. He is a senior leader of BJP and also served as speaker of the Karnataka assembly from 2008 to 2009. He has the biggest responsibility of steering the BJP to a victory in 2013 elections. Jagadish Shettar is representing Hubli Rural Assembly Constituency. Following is the brief profile of Jagadish Shettar:

Jagadish Shettar was born on 17th December 1955. His native village is Kerur in Bagalkote district of Karnataka. Shettar has started his political career with ABVP, student wing of BJP and he is also an active member of RSS.

Shettar elected to Karnataka Assembly for four terms from 1994. Shettar became leader of the opposition in 1999. The BJP has appointed Shettar as State President of the party. HE became minister for revenue in Kumara Swamy government.

Shettar is known to be a loyalist of Yedyurappa. Yeddyurappa has demanded the replacement of Sadananda Gouda with Shettar and the BJP has conceded the demand. Shettar has to fight against Yeddurappa in the coming elections as Yeddurappa parted ways with the BJP.

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