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The Pollution Control Board of Government of Telangana has released the data for highest levels of noise pollution in various locations of Hyderabad. The noise pollution levels have been on sharp rise with growing number of vehicles in the city of Hyderabad.

Gachibowli has seen sharp rise in the noise pollution levels against the standard levels of 50 dB prescribed for a sensitive zone. Following are the levels of noise pollution (in dB) in various parts of Hyderabad for the data of July 2017.

Gachbowli: 64 dB (Sensitive area)
Zoo Park: 56 (Sensitive area)
Jubilee Hills: 61 (Residential area)
Tarnaka: 65 (Residential area)
Abids: 74 (Commercial area)
JNTU: 72 (Residential area)
Paradise: 73 (Residential area)
Sanathnagar: 69 (Residential area)
RC Puram: 72 (Residential area)
Jeedimetla: 68 (Industrial area)
Gaddapotharam: 68 (Industrial area)

The noise pollution at day time and night time in all the above locations has been on rise as against recommended dB for various areas like residential, commercial and sensitive zones.

Following are day time standards for various areas:

Residential: 55
Commercial: 65
Industrial: 75
Sensitive: 50

Following are night time stadards of noise pollution:

Residential: 45
Commercial: 55
Industrial: 70
Sensitive: 40

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