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Political observers in the state are feeling it difficult to read the words and thoughts of AP Chief Miniser, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy. The gestures of the CM on several occasions are giving scope to think that he is playing the balls as per the pitch prepared by the Congress high command. And on some other occasions, he is relentless in attacking the Congress high command for the bifurcation of the state.

Whatever may be his plans, Kiran Kumar Reddy is successful in pacifying Seemandhra Ministers and MLAs to a greater extent. He has been asking them to wait till the expiry of the time given by the President to discuss Telangana Bill 2013 in AP Assembly.

The latest grapevine is that the CM is planning to float a regional party which will be headed by Lagadapati Rajagopal for the time being. Kiran Kumar Reddy is expected to take over the reigns of the new party after sending Telangana Bill back to the President of India.

Here are a few reasons why the new party may not succeed in Seemandhra:

1) The leaders, Kiran Kumar Reddy and other leaders are none other than the present Congressmen only.
2) They did not sacrifice any thing to keep the state of AP united.
3) The presence of strong leaders like Chandrababu and YS Jagan in the region may not give space for the entry of new political entity.

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