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At last, Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh is going to break his silence over various issues rocking the country for a long time. Manmoham Singh is going to become a media friendly person from 29th June 2011. Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has announced on 27th June 2011 that the Prime Minister will hold press conferences every week starting from 29th June 2011. It is also said that the details, briefings and questions and answers of the press meet will be displayed on PMO official website /

It is decided that the first press conference will be attended by five editors of newspapers. These are M.K. Rajdan (PTI), TN Ninan (Business Standard), Raj Chengappa (The Tribune), Alok Mehta (Nayee Duniya) and Kumar Ketkar (Divya Bhaskar). The press conference is likely to be held at PM's residence in Delhi at 4 PM.

M.r Manmohan Singh has been criticized over his silence and hide and seek attitude with media on several issues such as 2 G Scam, Corruption, Anna Hazare movement and Baba Ramdev's episode and issues of Black Money etc. The controversy over the inclusion of Prime Minister under the Lokpal ambit has been a major contentious issue in recent times and the PM has so far not been disclosed his opinion on this much important debate.

It appears to be a serious bid by the UPA government to restore the deteriorating image of the Government and the Prime Minister through media relations. The recent meeting of Congress Working Committee (CWC) also indicated that the Prime Minister would be interacting with people through media more frequently. Prime Minister has been facing the criticism from opposition parties for his silence over various important issues. The BJP has described him as 'lame PM', 'inefficient PM' etc.

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