The Government of Telangana is coming out with a new GO to curb traffic violations in Hyderabad and other cities of the state. Several amendments are proposed to the existing Motor Vehicle Act. Traffic rules violators will be awarded with certain points based on the severity of the violation. If the total points are more than 12 in two years, driving license will be cancelled for a year.

Following are the points for various traffic rules violations:

1) Not wearing helment / set belt: 1 point
2) Driving vehicle without insurance / hazardous substances: 2 points
3) Driving vehicle over-speed / wrong route: 2 points
4) Drunken driving (two wheelers): 3 points
5) Drunken driving (four wheelers): 4 points
6) Drunken driving (Government vehicle): 5 points
7) Car / Bike race: 3 points
8) Driving without pollution certificate / parking on the highways: 2 points
9) If cases are filed under IPC 279, 336, 337, 338 sections: 2 points
10) If cases are filed under 304 (A), 304 (II): 5 points
11) Chain snatching and other crimes while driving: 5 points

If a driver gets 12 point for the second time, his / her driving license will be suspended or two years. If the same happens for the third time, his / her license will be suspended for three years.

Drivers with learner license should not cross five violation points. If they reach more than 5 points, learners license will be cancelled and they can get it again through the original process.

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