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Here is good news for the Indian Students affected by visa fraud at Tri Valley University, California. US immigration authorities have informed the affected 1,555 students of Tri Valley University (TVU) to contact them directly to find out alternative options they have to continue their studies in Unites States. The Tri Valley has been shut down recently after unearth visa fraud involving large number of Indian Students.

The US Immigration Authorities have also made clear that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has taken further steps to ensure (Student and Exchange Visitor Programme) SEVP-certified schools and request students take decisions in the light of the ongoing investigations. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has posted an advisory on the SEVP link on ICE's website for the benefit of Tri Valley students. The site will direct students on how to contact an SEVP representative to get information about their available options.

The advisory made it clear that when the student call, SEVP will provide him with options including the preference to depart from the United States . These students will not have any bar on readmission in any US University in the future.

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