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The Election Commission of India has cancelled the recognition of 12 regional political parties in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. These parties were floated by various individuals and some by disgusted leaders of TDP, Congress and TRS. NTR - TDP of Lakshmi Parvathi and Anna TDP of Hari Krishna are also among these derecognised parties. Following is the list:

1) NTR Telugu Desam Party (Lakshmi Parvathi)
2) Anna Telugu Desam Party (Hari Krishna)
3) Andhra Nadu Party
4) Jai Telangana Party
5) Telangana Praja Party
6) Telangana Congress Party
7) Mudiraj Rashtriya Samithi
8) National Citizen Party
9) Satya Yug Party
10) Bharatiya Seva Dal
11) All India Saddu Gana Party
12) Bahujan Republican Party

These political parties did not contest any Assembly or Parliamentary elections since 2005. The Election Commission of India has checked the field level operations of these parties and cancelled the recognition of inoperative parties.

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