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The Government of India has made the process for changing the date of birth in passport easier by amending certain provisions in the guidelines. The changes in the existing passports will become hassle-free as the Government simplified services related to issuance of the travel document.

The Government has also allowed the digitally signed marriage and birth certificates as valid proofs of marriage and birth respectively. The passport issuing authorities (PIAs) have been authorized to consider request of applicants for change in date of birth irrespective of the period.

According to previous guidelines, requests for change of DOB was allowed within five years after the issuance of the passport and the entire process was lengthy and cumbersome as it involved lot of paper work. Passport will revised DOB will only be issued by the authorities after PIA satisfied with the claim based on documents submitted by the applicant.

The Ministry of External Affairs is exploring the possibility of making amendments in the Passport Rules, 1980 in order to further simplify the documentation process. As per the PIA guidelines, the applicants who submit Aadhaar Card, Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC), PAN card and an affidavit of non-criminality in the prescribed format will get faster passport services.

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