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single women pension scheme in Telangana The Government of Telangana has launched yet another good scheme to support single and helpless women. The Government will give Rs. 1000 per month as pension to all the single women in the state. Following are details of eligibility conditins and application procedure for single women pension scheme 2017 in Telangana.

Application Procedure: The scheme will be launched on 2nd June, Telangana Formation Day. The applications will be accepted from 8th May and will be processes from 9th May 2017. The applications in the purview of Greater Hyderabad will be accepted from 8th May 2017.

Where application available?

Application forms for single women pension scheme may be taken through 1000 Mee Seva centres, 30 Deputy Commissioner offices, and 31 Mandal Revenue Offices in the state of Telangana. The Government will appoint special officers in the GHMC to accept applications, scrutiny and preparation of final eligible list.

Eligibility Conditions:

The official will give guidelines to the eligible women. Women should have annual income of less than Rs. 2 lakhs to be eligible for Single Woman Pension Scheme. Bank accounts may be opened for those who do not have one. The officials will help in opening bank accounts for the eligible women.

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