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Safety is an act of being safe and protection from any harm to the body. If we follow safety rules we can be safe. Following are some important safety tips for the children. Please follow these and take care of the your wards.

Safety at Home:

1) Stay away from electric wires / sockets.
2) Do not play with soap water and do not make the floor slippery.
3) Do not go near the gas when it is on.
4) Do not go near the fire and play with match sticks.
5) Do not play with sharp objects like scissors, knife, blade, needles etc.
6) Do not fight with brothers or sisters.

Safety at School:

1) Always be to your left while climbing or getting down the stairs.
2) Do not play with sharp objects.
3) Do not push each other.
4) Always walk in a queue.
5) Do not play in the campus when the buses are moving.

Safety on Road:

1) Walk on the footpath.
2) Cross the road only at zebra crossing.
3) Obey the traffic signals.
4) Stand in a queue, while waiting for the bus.
5) Do not play or cross the road when the vehicles are moving.

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