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Samsung Electronics has come up with a novel approach to augment its business in ACs segment. As complaints on nausea and other related problems are on the rise from AC users, Samsung launched a new product, Purista Plus series in Hyderabad with promise on elimination of viruses, fungi and other airborne substances.

Departing from its earlier technology, Purista Plus utilizes plasma ion technology. This technology innovatively combines Hydrogen and Oxygen ions to get rid of risky viruses and bacteria. The Purista Plus series of ACs are also equipped with complete high density filters that offer guaranteed contamination free air.

Samsung India started selling this product in split and window versions. It has also launched Invincia series of Air-Conditioners. These ACs have inverter technology that promises to save up to 60 per cent of energy. You can inquire more about these ACs from a nearby authorized Samsung Showrooms in Hyderabad. Samsung electronic products are available at all leading retail outlets in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

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