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Telangana Bill Finally, the Home Ministry of Government of India has responded to the apprehensions raised by the state government over the bifurcation issue. The Home Ministry has told the state government not to worry over the perceived loopholes in the Bill as that is only a draft and final bill is yet to be prepared before it is tabled in Parliament.

The Home Ministry has clarified that the Parliament will take up a detailed discussion on the issue of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh when the Bill is tabled in the Parliament for approval.

The Home Ministry of Government of Andhra Pradesh had earlier sent a note to the Central Home Ministry requested information on critical issues related to finance and revenue division.

The Home Ministry has sent an explanation to the State Home Ministry. It has clarified that the bill send to AP Assembly is a draft and not the final Bill. The full length discussion will take place in the Parliament after the introduction of final bill. But the Home Ministry has not mentioned the dates of parliament session.

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