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Government of Telangana is taking measures to speed up the process of issuing pattadar passbooks to land owners in the state. The MRO offices will issue pattadar passbooks within 15 days if the new guidelines are implemented. Title deed and passbook will be issued in a go, as per the new guidelines.

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The Government of Telangana is proposed to amend RoR (Record of Rights) to this effect. The deadline of 90 days to issue pattadar passbook will be cut short to 15 days through ROR amendment. Mutation process also will be completed within 15 days after registrations.

Telangana Passbook

The legal department has already prepared the draft amendment. Jagir, Makta, Sansthan and Paiga registrations will not be valid after the new law. Following are broad guidelines to be included in new RoR Act:

1) Registrations will be done only after the detailed verification of webland records.

2) Mutation will not be done for Jagirdar lands even if they are registered in revenue offices.

3) Sub Registrar has to register the lands which are in web land and based on TLRMS. Online record will be essential for all transactions.

4) Title deed and pattadar passbook will be joined together. Farmers will be provided with passbook cum title deed.

5) Tahasildars have to update the passbooks and title deeds regularly.

6) Banks and other financial institutions have to grant loans based on the online records. Each Khata has to be linked with Aadhar number.

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