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The Government of Telangana has decided to conduct fresh land survey across the state. Chief Minister K. Chandra Sekhar Rao has ordered the authorities to take necessary measures to conduct comprehensive land survey in all 10850 revenue villages in Telangana.

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Each Revenue official will be made responsible for the data of three villages. The land will be allotted with new passbooks and khata numbers during the survey. The survey is also aimed to put an end to controversies on agriculture and other lands.

The land survey data also will be used to implement the Government's proposed scheme to give an incentive of Rs. 8000 per acre for farmers for fertilizers / cultivation. The land transactions also will become transparent. Passbooks and pahanis will be made available hassle - free.

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The previous land bandodast in Telangana was held during the time of Nizams in 1936. The land records in villages and at agriculture department are not matched on various occasions. The Government of Telangana is proposed to modernise all the land records.

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