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Airtel, one of India's leading brand in communication sector has entered into Broadband Television market. Named as Airtel Broadband TV, the latest offer from AIRTEL is much similar to its predecessors such as Tata Photon TV, MTS TV that comes with MTS Datacard etc. The Braodband TV feature offer its customers to watch television live on their PCs (Personal Computers) without any set top boxes. Airtel bringing this with the courtesy of Apalya TV. Following are details of various packs and channels available with Airtel Broadband TV:

1. Gold Pack: Cost of the pack is Rs.99 per month. This pack allows customers to watch all channels.
2. Night pack: Cost of the pack is Rs.49 per month. Those subscribed to this pack shall access all channels from 9 PM to 9 AM only (nights only).
3. My Pack: Price of this pack is Rs.49 per month. This is a unique plan that allows you to watch 3 selected channels of your choice.

Coming to the names of channels included in the plans, Airtel may disappoint you a lot. There are a few channels in the list that you heard of such as Discovery, Animal Planet, Sakshi (Telugu), UTV Movies, National Geographic etc. There is a long way ahead for Airtel Broadband TV given its list of channels. Anyway, if you like to test it, you can pay online for the channel and download the relevant software to install the channel.

Main stream channels in different segments such as NDTV, CNBC, NDTV Profit, SUN Network channels, ZEE channels, Sony, STAR Movies, HBO, ESPN etc are not avaialble at the moment. Lets hope Airtel Broadband TV may add these along with other popular channels to its kitty.

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