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Telugu is the third most spoken Indian language in United States, after Hindi and Gujarati. The data released by American Community Survey for the year 2016 says that Telugu beats Bengali and Tamil in the more number of Indian language speakers in the United States.

In fact, Urdu is in second place after Hindi, but the statistics also included urdu speaking people from Pakistan. About 4.24 lakh people speak Urdu in USA.

3,65,566 people in US at age over five speak Telugu at home. That is about 0.12% of the US population over the age of five. The total number of speakers for all Indic and Dravidian languages including Urdu is estimated at 35,51,455 and people who speak Telugu at home is 3,65,566.

But the Telugu people in US are not satisfied with these numbers. It is estimated that more than 50 percent visas have been granted to Telugu people from the year 2011. Hence the actual number will be more than a million!

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