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Hello traffic violates, beware of these revised fines for violation of various traffic rules in Hyderabad. The increased amount of penalty as per the GO 108 will come into force from Saturday, 20th August 2011. The Hyderabad Traffic Police are implementing e-challan procedure for violation of traffic rules. Department of Road Transport Authority (RTA, Hyderabad), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has installed cameras at various junctions and also equipped the traffic police with advanced material to register traffic violations. You can also check fines / penalties on your two / four wheeler through . The Hyderabad Traffic police has also launched new dedicated website for all traffic related issues at . You can check the e-challan status for your vehicle at OR . Following are some of the important violations and latest penalties:

1) Traveling without pass or ticket, driver's refusal to ply a contract carriage on hire: Rs. 500
2) Disobedience of orders, obstruction to the checking officer in discharge of duties and refusal of information: Rs. 500
3) Allowing unauthorized persons to drive vehicles: Rs. 1000
4) Driving by under - aged persons: Rs. 500
5) Driving at excessive speed: Rs. 400
6) Driving dangerously, attending phone calls while driving and jumping signal: Rs. 1000
7) Using vehicle in unsafe condition at public place by violating road safety, control of noise and air pollution, wrong and dangerous parking: Rs. 1000
8) Not registering vehicle, not renewing registration or driving without fitness certificate: Rs. 2000 to a maximum of Rs. 5000
9) Refusing to stop and submit the vehicle for weighing: Rs. 3000
10) Not having insurance certificate for vehicle: Rs. 1000

Other common violations are: 1) Driving any vehicle without active license, renewed insurance and latest pollution under control (PUC) certificate. If you do not have driving licence, apply for LLR (Learner's License) immediately. Now, you can write LLR exam in Hindi and Telugu also. 2) Not using the helmet while driving a two wheeler 3) Using a fancy number plate 4) Not using the seat belt if driving a car 5) Triple riding in case of a two wheeler and Over Speed 6) Parking any vehicle in 'No Parking' area illegally on a public road.

Update on 1st March 2012: The Govt. of India has come heavy on traffic rules violators. The new penalties for various traffic violations will come into effect after its ratification in Parliament. The proposed Motor Vehicle Act 2012 will also impose imprisonment along with hefty fines for traffic violations such as drunken driving, red signal jump, driving without seat belt / helmet, using mobile while driving etc.

So, don't violate traffic rules and be safe...!

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