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Can TDP really comes to power in Telangana State, as their leader hoped for in the recent Mahanadu? Are the TDP leaders and cadre really believes in good fortunes for TDP in Telangana in the coming Assembly elections in 2019? The answer to these questions should be a big 'No', given the ground realities of politics in Telangana State.

Telangana is majorly a Velama and Reddy dominated society. This is well resulted in the political polarisation also with the emergence of TRS as a major force in the state. Apart from strong Velama community base, the TRS has certainly banked on the statehood sentiment in the last elections which may not last last till the coming elections.

The fight between dominant Velama - Reddy communities has to manifest in the political front as TRS - Congress fight but not as TRS - TDP war. The Congress party, with the support of Reddy community is likely to emerge as competent force by 2019 elections.

The Congress is known for strategic failures at the time of elections and it is evident in 2014 elections in Telangana state. Ignoring the traditional base of Reddy community at the leadership level cost the Congress dearly in that elections. The TRS success may depends up on the accommodation of Reddy community aspirations in the coming elections. Then, where is the scope for TDP to emerge as a force in Telangana?

Just write your comments, if you differ on this?

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