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Vadodara is another big district along with Ahmedabad and Surat. The Vadodara district has 13 Assembly Constituencies. This is the second largest district after Ahmedabad in terms of more number of constituencies. The constituencies are Baroda Rural, Chhota Udaipur, Dabhoi, Jetpur, Karjan, Nasvadi, Padra, Paopura, Sankheda, Savli, Sayajiganj, Vadodara City and Vaghodia.

There may be some shuffling in the constituencies in 2012 elections as part of the implementation of delimitation. The BJP has won in 7 constituencies and the Congress secured 5 segments. Dineshbhai B Patel, an independent candidate has won from Padra Constituency. Following are winners and losers of 2007 Assembly elections in Vadodara district of Gujarat:

1) Raopura Constituency: Yogesh Patel (Winner - BJP) Vs Dr. Purnima Shital Mehta (Loser- Congres)

2) Chhota Udaipur Constituency: Gulsinghbhai (Winner - BJP) Vs Sukhrambhai Hariyabhai Rathva (Loser - Congress)

3) Savli Constituency: Chauhan Khumansinh Raysinh (Winner - Congress) Vs Inamdar Jigar Kumar Champaklal (Loser - BJP)

4) Baroda Rural Constituency: Gohil Upendrasinh Pratapsinh (Winner - BJP) Vs Gohil Jayshriben Kiritsinh (Losr - Congress)

5) Vadodara City Constituency: Lakhawala Bhupendrabhai Gatula (Winner - BJP) Vs Dr. Rajendrasinh Rathod (Loser - Congress)

6) Jetpur Constituency: Mohansinh Chhotubhai Rathava (Winner - Congress) Vs Jayantibhai Savjibhai Rathva (Loser - BJP)

7) Sankheda Constituency: Tadvi Abhesinh Motibhai (Winner - BJP) Vs Tadvi Babarbhai Ambalal (Loser - Congress)

8) Nasvadi Constituency: Bhil Dhirubhai Chunilal (Winner - Congress) Vs Bhil Jashubhai Sarabhai (Loser - BJP)

9) Dabhoi Constituency: Siddharth Chimanbhai Patel (Winner - Congress) Vs Patel Atulbhai Chandubhai (Loser - BJP)

10) Padra Constituency: Dineshbhai B Patel (Dinu Mama) (Winner - Independant) Vs Dr. Takhatsinh Mangalsinh Parma (Loser - BJP)

11) Sayajiganj Constituency: Jitendra Sukhadia (Winner - BJP) Vs Prajapati Ramesh bhai Chartubha (Loser - Congress)

12) Karjan Constituency: Dabhi Chandubhai Motibhai (Winner - Congress) Vs Kanodiya Nareshkumar Mithalal ( Loser - BJP)

13) Vaghodia Constituency: Shrivastav Madhubhai Babubhai (Winner - BJP) Vs Patel Jayeshbhai Khemabhai (Loser - Congress).

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