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Tatkal Tickets Booking – Separate Reservation Form and Timings

In order to check the misuse of tatkal ticket bookings, Indian Railways has introduced a separate reservation form to book tatkal ticket bookings. The railway passengers will have to fill up a separate reservation booking form under tatkal scheme. The forms will be available across the railway reservations very soon.

The Railways has introduced pink colour forms which has to be filled up by the passenger at the time of booking tatkal tickets. Passengers will have to furnish his / her address, contact number and ID. A single booking requisition form is available for tatkal and normal bookings at present.

The new tatkal reservation form also carries a set of warnings which includes deboarding at the next station, imposition of fine or imprisonment for providing incorrect information. The Indian Railways has recently introduced new timings, from 8 am to 10 am to book tatkal tickets.

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2 thoughts on “Tatkal Tickets Booking – Separate Reservation Form and Timings

  1. haridas mandal

    Strange ..Who are misusing Tatkal scheme? I am with me a GOI Min of Railways circular No 47 of 2005 ( Provided by CPIO DRM Sanchalan Bhavan Sec'bad against my RTI query) which stated that:
    i) in those trains and classes where utilisation of TATKAL accommodation is 75% or more during the months of May -Jun 2005 the Tatkal reservation quota may be enhanced from the existing 10% to 20 % . However sleeper class quota will be enhanced from 10% to 15% only in such trains.
    ii) Wait list tickets may be issued in Tatkal scheme to the extent of Tatkal quota earmarked.....
    iii) Unutilized quotas released at the time of preparation of chart i.e HOR,Defence,Foreign Tourists etc will be used for clearence of TATKAL wait list on priority. This software notification is also being done by CRIS shortly.
    iv) Consequent to the advance reservation period for TATKAL having been enhanced to 3 days , the berths under Tatkal scheme will also be brought on internet for booking for which IRCTC is making necessary provision.
    And as per the reply given to me by the same office of the railways there 32 Tatkal berths in AC 3 in train no 12704 Secunderabad -Howrah Falaknuma Express out of a total of 128 seats including 4 kept for RAC ( 4 x2 =8 seats) and one for RE (Railway Employee..TTE etc). This is more than 20 % quota which can be reserved if conditions stated in the Railways circular No 47 of 2005. Now who increased this quota beyond the upper limit set by the GOI Min of Railways....The commissioned agents, the booking clerk at the reservation office or Railways high officials?
    Now take another example number of tickets allowed to be booked Online and Inline ( from the Station reservation counters). 84 persons were allowed to book tickets online as well as inline against a maximum of 25 berths in AC 3 tier in train No 12704 Sec'bad Falaknuma Exp left Sec'bad on 23 Apr 2012. A whopping 200 % in excess of the authorised limits for Tatkal wait list booking of tickets.
    The fact that in that same train there are only 69 general berths just about double the Tatkal Berths. There are 32 berths for TATKAL , 16 for High officials of the Railways ( Think of it, more than 15 % of the seats are reserved for Railways High Officials , and you blame the Politicians).
    54 Berths are reserved for either VIP or for TATKAL out of possible 123 berths in 3A in Train No 12704 leaving daily.Those 54 berths are the gold mine for the railways officials. This is for only one train for one class. Think of LOOT & Scoot of berths by the railways officials for each train for each day for 7 days in a week for 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year.
    Separate reservation for Tatkal will be another excuse continue with the LOOT and Scoot by the great Reservation department , The CRIS and the IRCTC which are minting millions for the big bad agents like Make My Trip etc etc through cancellation of wait listed tickets as those are issued knowing them not to be confirmed in any manner as TATKAL wait listed passengers will get the priority over a person who booked a berth 60 days in advance in General category.
    That's our Great Indian Railways..God saves our railways from the enemies within.


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