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Telangana OR Rayala Telangana in Winter Session

Though the Congress party is trying its best to bring the Telangana OR Rayala - Telangana Bill in the coming Winter session of Parliament, it is most unlikely to realize given the procedures and time-frames and political calculations involved in bifurcation of the State.

Congress Party will be a big loser in Andhra Pradesh in case it failed to bring the Telangana Bill before General elections 2014. The party is likely to be cornered in both Telangana and Seema - Andhra regions.

As the surveys put the TRS above the Congress in Telangana region, the Rayala Telangana only will be the face saving proposal for the Congress Telangana region.

The Union cabinet meet on 3rd December 2013 may take up the GoM Report and Proposed Bill Outlines for discussion. Any tilt towards Rayala - Telangana is likely to change the entire schedule of bifurcation. The GoM may ask for some more time to reframe the Report to suit the Rayala - Telangana proposal.

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