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Top Loan Defaulters in India – RBI to Release List of Default Companies

Following are the top companies which are likely to be named by RBI under biggest loan defaulters in the country. Reserve Bank of India will be preparing a list of such companies and soon come out with a report. Loan amount of the following 12 companies constitute 25 percent of the total NPA gross the of the banking system in India. See the proposed list below:

loan defaulters
RBI may soon come out with a list of bank loan defaulters in the country. It is estimated that the amount of top 12 defaulters accounts for about 25 percent of the total NPAs in banking system in India. It is also believed that several banks are hiding actual percentage of NPAs and defaulters which may be more than their market value.

1) Bhushan Steel: Rs. 44478 crore
2) Essar Steel: Rs. 37284 crore
3) Bhushan Power and Steel: Rs. 37248 crore
4) Alok Industries: Rs. 22075 crore
5) Monnet Ispat: Rs. 12115 crore
6) Electrosteel Steels: Rs. 10274 crore
7) IVRCL: Rs. 10107 crore
8) Era Infra: Rs. 10065 crore
9) Sterling Biotech: Rs. 4790 crore
10) Moser Baer: Rs. 4610 crore
11) ABG Shipyard: Rs. 9290 crore
12) Visa Steel: Rs. 3800 crore

The above list of as prepared by Bloomberg based on the data available with RBI sources. Som financial analysts says that the loan accounts of Jeepee, Lanco, GVK, GMR and Abhijeet groups also will be part of the list.

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