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Tri Valley Fraud- Anji Reddy, Rama Krishta Karra Accused

In a latest development that would irk Indian authorities and students, the duped Tri Valley University has blamed Indian origin staff and one of the student assistants, Anji Reddy and another student at Tri Valley, Rama Krishta Karra for the misdeeds in bringing students from Andhra Pradesh in a large number to study at Tri Valley University (TVU). The President and Founder of the University, Susan Su has informed the Indian Media in an email communication that the allegations on TVU are baseless and held that the University did not duped any student.

The controversial University slammed the Indian staff by making them responsible for all the irregularities in immigration fraud. The university has been claiming that it did not directly involve in the operation. The San Francisco based Tri Valley is closed by The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after allegations of immigration fraud.

Susan Su also disclosed that one of TVU’s student assistants, Anji Reddy, who worked in TVU administrative office along with another student called Ram Krista Karra were the main culprits in the operation. Susan Su also alleged that Ram Krishta Karra has a abroad education consultancy and asked the students to pay tuition fee into his personal account in exchange for student I-20 and CPT approval. Su also informed that the Tri Valley University has dismissed them immediately after confirming the cheating of students.

Meanwhile The US officials claimed the alleged immigration scam of Tri Valley University is a highly serious one and have been probing thoroughly. The Us official also disclosed that fixing of ankle monitors is a standard procedure for a variety of investigations in The USA and it does not imply crime or guilty.

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