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TRS merger with Congress or BJP

As the AP bifurcation is on the cards, the debate on the possible merger of TRS with the Congress party has again taking big space in the front pages of news papers and prime time of television channels.

Though KCR has been signalling the merger of the TRS with the Congress, everyone is suspicious of his words and his partymen statements.

It is everybody's prediction now. The Congress high command is watching his moves closely while moving ahead with the Telangana Bill. The KCR and Rajnadh Singh secret meeting has gained significance in this context.

KCR may also look at merging TRS with the BJP as the later's support is crucial for passing Telangana Bill in Parliament. KCR will be the sole face of BJP in Telangana and can form first BJP government in Telangana. He might be well aware of the crowd waiting for the top post in Congress. Moreover, BJP high command is known to be more consistent than the Congress in making political deals.

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