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TRS vs BJP vs Congress in Telangana in Assembly Elections 2019

Amit Shah has opened the fight with TRS for Assembly Elections 2019

Yes, it will be a triangular fight in Telangana in 2019 Assembly elections. The TRS, BJP and Congress will be the major contenders for the Assemble elections in 2019 in Telangana. The tour of BJP President Amit Shah in Nalgonda district of Telangana in May 2017 has set the battle lines clear as two parties take on each other at the top leadership level.

Though there is still ample time to go for the elections in 2019, the political developments have turned the picture clear. Amit Shah's criticism on TRS and KCR's strong response to Amit Shah has set the battle lines for both the parties to follow in the future campaigns and Assembly elections in 2019.

BJP may go soft on TRS till the end of Presidential elections but it's strategy with regard to assembly elections in Telangana is clear. The BJP is trying to fix TRS as the latter will not go along with Congress party considering the recent losses of the Sonia - led party.

The Congress on the other hand still struggling to creat its own impact in Telangana. Though the party has played key role in the formation of Telangana State, it has failed miserably in garnering the votes due to lack of strong leadership in the state.

Though there is no immediate threat to TRS, it also should be cautious in dealing with ever growing BJP's strength across the country. The image and influence of Narendra Modi is becoming much bigger. TRS may be forced by BJP to think beyond Telangana sentiment for 2019 Assembly elections.

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