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UID Aadhaar Enrolment in Bangalore- Karnataka

Enrollment Process for UID Aadhaar Cards has been under progress in Karnataka. The state has started the Aadhaar enrollment in Mysore and Tumkur districts initially and completed about 85 percent enrollments in those two districts. The enrollment process will move on to other districts of the state such as Dharwad, Bijapur, Gulbarga and Yadgir. It is estimated that about 1.8 crore Aadhaar Cards have already been issued in Karnataka. And about 4 million enrollments are in pending and likely to be completed soon.

Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of UIDAI has announced recently that about one crore Unique Identification Numbers (UID) were already given out in Karnataka. The authorities disclosed that the UID Aadhaar enrollment process will soon enter into Bangalore City. Residents need to visit an enrollment camp along with copies of relevant certificates and proofs. The Aadhaar process in Bangalore may go on fast pace as the Government and UIDAI are contemplating to finish the process by March 2012.

India Post is also gearing up to fulfill the responsibility of delivering Aadhaar Cards across the state. The officials have identified 236 post offices for the enrollment process and the number will increase once the process gains momentum in Bangalore. India Post is also establishing 9000 computerized post offices across the state for more faster service.

The Center for e-Governance (CEG), a society formed by the Government of Karnataka has taken the initiative to take up the enrollment of residents for UID project. The Aadhaar enrollment was started on the 8th October 2010 on a pilot basis in 2 districts namely Mysore and Tumkur. As on May, the two districts have recorded good enrollment statistics. These are as follows:

1) Mysore: Total Population: 29,95,879;
2) Enrolled for Aadhaar in Mysore: 21,63,968 (72.23 percent)
3) Total Population in Tumkur: 26,81,449
4) Aadhaar Enrollments in Tumkur: 19,82,283 (73.90 percent)

Those have not enrolled in the above districts can contact at these official numbers: Mysore: +91 94806 98633 and Tumkur: +91 9241005818.

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61 thoughts on “UID Aadhaar Enrolment in Bangalore- Karnataka

    1. V.Leelavathamma

      I am a resident of West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar, I Block Bangalore. Please let me know nearest aadhaar enlollment Office.

      1. srinivasulu bv

        please visit nearest post office of your locality is rajajinagar head post office for enrollment for uid

        1. admin

          It is good suggestion as post offices are not dispatching the UID cards. Even months after enrollment people are not receiving Aadhaar Cards. The delivery mechanism is worst and nobody (either UID authorities or Postal Dept) just bothered about delivery of the cards.

  1. Rainee

    hi. I want to knw where is adhaar enrolment camp in bangalore
    I am staying in coxtown, Bangalore-5

  2. trinadh

    i want to know where is aadhar enrollment centers in bangolore, i am staying in krishnarajpuram. and i want to know what is the process of this enrollment

  3. Sharanu Golgeri

    Respected Sir,
    Sir make arrangement for online enrolement of Aadhaar UID Application, due to employees are not able to attend the particular office, please make a arrangement for online enrolement of Aadhaar UID Application.

  4. k k Sharma

    Respected Sir,
    Sir make arrangement for online enrolement of Aadhaar UID Application, due to employees are not able to attend the particular office, please make a arrangement for online enrolement of Aadhaar UID Application.

  5. SUMAN Sharma

    Sir, I want to knw where is adhaar enrolment camp in bangalore
    I am staying in Vivekanagar, Bangalore-47

  6. Dinesh

    Pls provide contact helpline to enrole ADHAAR & place, advertise to know people better otherwise 50% of will get out of this facilities.

  7. S Raju

    Pls let me the details in Bangalore how many post office issuing the applications. Because as per the newspaper advertisement we can get the details all the post offices but when we cross check with our nearest post office they stating that in Bangalore only 3 post offices only issuing. Even though we are waiting also no use pls help it.


    I am resident in Bangalore, let me know whereabout for applying
    Aadhar card. The application is not getting downloaded.
    Please let me know the website

  9. Vimal Jain

    Kindly Guide me the Process of Getting Adhar Card. Iam Staying In sri ram Puram. Get Me Enrollment centers nearest to me.And what documents i have to produce to get Adhar Card. Kindly Guide Me.

  10. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das

    We are Senior Citizens of India & in Bangalore .
    Plz enroll our name for the AADHAAR ID & oblige
    Mrs & Mr.Moti Chand Das,
    No.85(Old No.4),Flat # 103,
    7th Main,BTM 2nd Stg,N S Palya,
    P.O.Box No.7637,B'lore-76

  11. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das

    We are Senior Citizens of India & in Bangalore City for the last 7 years.
    Having all Records such as : Voter ID,Postal ID,Ration Card,Hospital ID Cards,
    Bank A/c.,Land Telephone etc etc.
    Plz help us where to enroll our names for Aadhaar ID for all the family members
    and oblige.
    Mrs.Nalini Das (Flat#103),
    Bldg No.85 (Old No.4 ),
    7th Main,BTM 2nd Stg,N S Palya,

  12. Dr.vimal B.jain

    I reside in chickmagalur.Please give me information of aadhaar camp in chikmagalur and the date of commnecement and ending.

  13. Dr.vimal B.jain

    please let me know the date of aadhaar camp commencement in chikmagalur and also the last date for enrolment.

  14. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das


    The Aadhaar / UID Enrolment & Registration is very very
    important to all Bharatiya ,above than 5 years of age.But
    sorry, though it's a unique ID -the UID nor Govt taking that
    much of interest nor motivating the public to to enrol easily?

    Most of the Post Office telling Forms are not available .And
    some Post Offices telling no appointment before 1 year .
    When the Form & Postal Authorities not interested, how
    the Citizens will go ahead with this enrolment and not interested
    to go further to enquiry about Form or Enrolments? TOI dt.03.08.2011/Page-2."Aadhaar's formal
    launch on 1-Day . But be clear and be specific with dates
    and all Bangalore One Centres ,SBI etc .etc with detail adrs
    & Tel Nos. Not like the carelessness of Indian Post.I have
    returned 3 times from JPNagar Post Offic without Form .
    Is there any arrangements to get the Form & Enrolments
    can be online - if so,detail plz.

    Moti Chand Das

  15. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das

    Moti Chand Das
    Pls publish the list of Bangalore One & SBI - when they are going to do the Enrollment of Aadhaar ? There should be out of turn facilities for SrCtzns required. Detail list pls.

  16. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das

    Moti Chand Das/BLR
    The TOI dt.17.08.2011 publish the UID-AADHAAR Enrollment starts from
    today in Bangalore . But is there any arrangements for the Sr.Ctizens to enrolled out of turn without in the long ques/ line. No that is not there ! Why should the old people in Rain will spend hours together for this. Hence,my request do something, to encourage the SrCtzns to do their enrollment soon . Hope the UID authority will take care this for the benefit of the Nation.

  17. Mrs & Mr. Moti Chand Das

    I was inspiring peoples to go for UID / AADHAAR enrollment , but I found
    the Aadhaar authorities are not that much serious or sincere to enrolling.No
    information clearly coming in News Papers nor detail Centers List? How
    can the Sr.Ctzns & Dialed will ? Its not the fault of UIDAI -its the nature
    of Indians not to be clear cut deals.Hence,immediate measures for detail
    Centre List & dates plz

  18. Moti Chand Das

    Moti Chand Das,
    P O Box No.1,

    I am sorry , All the Govt Organizations is same - how can Aadhaar will go out the Govt conventional process . The matter may looked after a decade time , and as a SrCtzn I may not be alive that time ? This is India & our development programmed ! Forget .

  19. AnantharamaiahBN

    As per Aadhar instructions anybody can register for aadhar cards anywhere in India. Only a photoID is to be carried for initial identification. Since aadhar centres are not well equipped it is not possible to get the aadhar registration done at ones will. One has to get an application or even xerxed and approach any aadhar regn centres and get a date for appointment. On the specified date one has to meet the concerned person with the application and a copy of photo identity. within 15 to 20 minutes the proceedure will be over and the person gets an acknowledgement. One has to than wait for aadhar card which will be delivered by speedpost within 2 or 3 months time. The aadhar card is an identity card which can establish ones identity anywhere in India. A person is alloted an unique 14 digit identityno which will be permanent .One can be identified anywhere in India based on ones iris and fingure and thumb recordings based on aadhar number allotted to him.


    Sir, I am an IT assessee. I have no SSLC Marks Card, Date of Birth Certtificate except PAN ID which has Date of Birth. Whether This could be given as documents for date of Birth. I am 62 years old . I also has LIC Policy which has my Date of Birth. If the department demand SSLC marks card, Date of Birth where I should go. Could any responsible person resolve the issue?

  21. Moti Chand Das,President The Bengaluru Inteligentsia Forum,B'lore-76

    Most of the Senior Citizens shown their Displeasure of Aadhaar & their
    carelessness to Sr.Ctzns of India. SrCtzns are law abiding persons and
    they always follows the Govt Norms & Rules. But the Aadhaar Authorities
    are no sympathy to them nor any help or co-op to them to Enrolling their names .The faces lots of harassment. Most of the Mebers requested me to
    take some measures to facilited to smooth enrolments their names.

    Hence,my appeal to the Aadhaar Authorities & their Agencies to take care
    the matter & oblige.

  22. Moti Chand Das

    Moti Chand Das
    Sorry,inspite of all my request Aadhaar Authorities are not taken any interest to this Senior Citizens appeal to registrar the name . The agency
    those were taken responsibility are also carelessly dealing the SrCtzns & harassing . Hence,what is the alternate ? We should not be blem for not
    having the Aadhaar ID ! All Govt Org is like this types attitudes.Hene,we stop to go further to Aadhaar Enrollment though we are the most Law abiding persons of our country.What to do helpless now!

  23. Moti Chand Das

    Moti Chand Das,

    We are sorry , lots of effort made to enrolling our name in the Aadhaar list
    but failed. Its not easy nor possible for Senior Citizens like us to go on chasing regularly for the enrollment.If Aadhaar can help us its good otherwise not possible to run after this ID though its important to us.
    Request to response at once & oblige.Dont neglect Country Old People

  24. Moti Chand Das

    Mrs & Mr Moti Chand Das,
    Bangalore / 07.11.2011
    The Aadhaar / UID authorities & their authorized Agencies are not bothered to Old & SrCtzens enrollment & ID Cards. How many times
    we are going on appealing to help & cooperate to these persons enrollment
    and IDs ? ? Is Old peoples are useless for country & no potentiality ? God saved these authorities . Appeal to take this seriously & help them

  25. vijaysoudikar

    sir i enrollment ting the adhar and want know when its delivery's my home what time it 'ii take plz tell me a waiting

  26. Moti Chand Das

    Mrs & Mr. MOTI CHAND DAS
    With lots of followup for the last 6 months or so,finally Enrolled our name
    in UID/Aadhaar at J P Nagar Post Office-560078 on 14.11.2011. This was
    really a hard task for Senior Citizens of India. No body cares nor have any
    sympathy or respect to SrCtzns in India.Govt. not interested for SrCtzns
    wefare etc. Govt thinks these are white elephants .Thanks .


    our enrolment no 1189/10021/05839&05840 dated26/08/2011.we have not received the ADHAR CARD till date. Please let us know how many months it will take to receive us already nearly 6 months are over.

    1. admin

      They did not set any time frame to deliver Aadhaar Cards. We have been waiting for about an year and yet to know when we receive UID cards.

  28. robin

    i am a 18 year student .and my father is in Indian air force .and presently he is posted at Hyderabad.
    and we belong to bidar(karanataka).wanted to know where should i make my aadhar card and is it necessary for a defense personal dependent to have the aadhar card

    1. admin

      Aadhaar cards are meant for all the citizens of India. There may be separate camps for defense personnel and their families. Contact nearest DPL for more details.

  29. P Sivaprasad

    I am residing in Chandralayout, Bangalore. Can any one please guide me which is the nearest point for Aadhar Card.

  30. Nagaraja.NC

    iam residing in bangalore north,Amruthahalli - 560092,and i want apply for Adhaar card.kindly give me adress where i can go with family and apply.

  31. shivaprasad

    I have enrolled for adhar card on 22/11/2012
    N my enrolment no is : 1189/29039/02018
    But still the card is not delivered to me what shall i do...
    Plz reply

  32. Mr Mrs Moti Chand Das

    Most of the earlier Aadhaar Ids having only year of birth instead of full- Date & Month . Hence , pls inform us how to go for correction etc & change of Address.


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