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Video Recording of Property Registrations in Telangana State

Government of Telangana has decided to bring several reforms in registration process of land documents. All the registrations will be video recorded from 1st November 2017 as part of the new initiatives in registration process.

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The decision is aimed at preventing bogus registrations, police cases and to check fake persons offering registration of assigned and government lands.

All the sales and purchase transactions will be recorded with CC cameras at all sub-registrar offices. The copy of recorded CDs also will be given to the buyers. The CD can be used as witness in case of any disputes in future.

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The oral statements of sellers, buyers and witnesses will be recorded during registration process. This will be done in front of the officials of sub registrar office. Two CC cameras will be installed in each sub registrar office for this purpose.

There are 141 sub registrar offices in Telangana state. About 30 offices have received CC cameras. The same will be distributed to other offices also by 15th October 2017. The new system will come into force from 1st November 2017.

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