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West Bengal New Cabinet Ministers Portfolios 2011

The Governor of West Bengal administered oath and secrecy of office by Kum Mamata Banerjee and her team members in the cabinet on 20th May 2011 (on Friday) at Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. The 56 year old Mamata Benerjee was sworn in as the 11th Chief Minister of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee made history by defeating the Left front in West Bengal after an uninterrupted 34 year rule. Along with Mamata Banerjee, 37 MLAs (35 are from Trinamool Congress, 2 from Congress) were sworn in as Ministers. Portfolios will be allotted soon. Following is the list of New Cabinet in West Bengal:

1. Mamata Banerjee: Chief Minister, Home, Health, Education and General Administration
2. Amit Mitra (Former Secretary General- FICCI): Finance Minister (Defeated Asimdas Gupta from Khardah Constituency)
3. Manish Gupta (Defeated outgoing CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee from Jadavpur COnstituency)
4. Rabi Ranjan Chattopadhya (Defeated Nirupam Sen)
5. Bratya Basu (Play Write)
6. H A Sawfi (IPS Officer)
7. Rachpal Singh (IPS Officer)
8. Upen Biswas (IPS Officer)
9. Nure Alam Chowdhury (Former Judge of Calcutta High Court)
10. Partha Chatterjee: Commerce and Industries
11. Manas Bhunia (West Bengal PCC Chief)
12. Abu Hena (CLP Leader)
13. Subrata Bakshi
14. Subrata Mukherjee
15. Sadhan Pandey
16. Rabindranath Bhattacharjee (MLA from Singur)
17. Sabitri Mitra
18. Firhad Hakim
19. Javed Ahmed Khan
20. Abdul Karim Chowdhury
21. Sukumar Hansda

Earlier Update: The Governor, M. K. Narayanan has already invited Trinamool Congress Party chief Mamata Banerjee to form the Government as Chief Minister of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee along with other members of her Ministry will assume charge from 20th May 2011. The swearing in ceremony will start at 1.01 p.m. The ministry is likely to be small initially and may be expanded after some days.

The Trinamool Congress has submitted its list of 184 newly-elected MLAs of the party staking its claim to form the government after historic victory in West Bengal Assembly elections 2011. The CPI (M) led LDF has bit the dust in elections after an uninterrupted rule spanning 34 years.

The Congress party is most likely to join the cabinet. The Congress has already sent positive signals on joining the coalition government in West Bengal.

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18 thoughts on “West Bengal New Cabinet Ministers Portfolios 2011

  1. Dipak kr. koley

    Hon'ble Chief Minister,
    A warmly Congratualation to you & your Cabinet Ministers. Hope god bless you to achieve your aim to run the newly fomed Govt.

    1. A.K..PATRA

      Sadar namaskar,
      Warmly congratulation for your success in uprooting last rulling
      party.Pl. reshape the state so that we could feel upgradation in every sphere of life. Pl. also see that BANKURA & PURULIA get
      special treatment for growth.

  2. Pradip N

    Hearty congratulations to Mamada Didi and her deputies in the newly formed ministry. We all know, Mamata Didi is hundred percent honest, but she should be careful about her deputies because India now breeds only corrupt polticians. We wish that each and every Minister sworn in is honest in their moral and acts and we are sure, West Bengal would again be the number one State in India in terms of intellect, agriculture, industry, trade & commerce, employment opportunities and all other fields. Our best wishes to Didi and her deputies.

  3. Maulana Nasim Akhtar Qasmi

    Up with TMC!!!
    Abdul karim chowdhry from Islampur is very sutiable for the post. Hope he will do his best.



  5. Tapan Kumar Ghosh

    Honourable Mamata di, -"Heartful congratulations to you" is not just enough to express the gratitudes of the people
    living in this state. We have seen your continuous and tireless endeavour for the change. Education, Health,
    Administration, Social fabric, culture and Economy and many others were in shamble. The Cooperative sector is not also in good shape here.
    We have confidence in your ability and vow to support all your moves for the development of West Bengal. With best wishes,
    - Convener, Cooperative Cell, BJP, West Bengal.

  6. Paban de

    Respected mamtadidi, we all are very happy for ur ministeries.but our village is so dirty that we could not save our village from harmad bahini.they are again corrupted ur village .ur village name is habibpur p.o jamdara dist hooghly under gopinathpur 2 no gram panchayet.we request you to see our villagers. It is near tarakeshwar.

  7. Lt. Col B. B. Sharan

    Date: 20th June 2011
    Lt. Col. B. B. Sharan (Retd.)
    President NYAYA BHOOMI

    Introduction:- This Bill is being drafted by taking the input from large number of citizens and personal views of writer on the methodology as to how corruption can be eliminated particularly at lower levels. Public is fed up with micro level corruption. Corruption should be tackled from all levels simultaneously, and principle of higher the level greater the punishment should be adopted. Public surveillance at all levels is necessary to prevent any officer to indulge in any act of corruption / evil doing, and Govt. should encourage the public for taking such steps which will help in reducing corruption. This draft contains the main features of the bill. Other details should be provided by ministry of Law.
    1. Preamble:- An act to prevent, investigate and prosecute the offenders involved in cases of corruption at all levels throughout India.
    2. Short title and Application:-
    (1) This act may be called Nagrik Lok Pal Act 2011.
    (2) It extends to the whole of India.
    (3) It will be applicable to all public servants of central Govt., State Govts., Union territories, Local Self bodies, PSUs. In addition it will be applicable to all contractors, suppliers who supply materiel / equipment to the Govt. or Carry our construction of roads, buildings, bridges and dealers of Public Distribution system.
    (4) It will also be applicable to Trusts, NGOs, Charitable institutions etc that are availing tax exemption under Income Tax act, under section 80 (g).
    3. Definition:-
    (a) Any person who accepts, or obtains or agrees to accept or attempts to obtain / or exerts under pressure / coercion to extract money from any person for himself or for any other person any gratification whatever, other than legal remuneration, as a motive or reward for doing or for bearing to do any official act or for showing or for bearing to show in the
    : 2 :
    exercise of his official function favour or disfavour to any person or for rendering or attempting to render any service or disservice to any person is an act of corruption. If through overt or covert act terrorises a person to yield to his illegitimate demands of money or some favour it will be corruption.
    (b) Any public servant, who reaches late to the office for more than 2 hours and leaves 2 hours early without permission from his next superior officer, and is marked present in attendance register, is an act of corruption.
    (c) Any Public servant (which is defined in Sec 4 of this act who after marking himself present at his place of duty, absents himself from his place of duty and is not traceable in the premises of his office without due verbal or written permission from his next superior officer indulges in act of Corruption.
    (d) Any public servant who sits idle and does not perform the work assigned to him or records misleading notes / misinformation on the files is an act of corruption.
    (e) Any contractor, supplier of any type of goods to any Govt. Dept having given quotations to carryout work as per specification provides goods of inferior or quality below agreed specification indulges in acts of corruption.
    (f) Any shop keeper, supplier of ration, under PDS does not sell authorized quantity of ration to the card holder indulges in act of corruption.
    (g) Any school teacher, who instead of teaching in class room remains away from class room for his / her personal work without approval from his / her next superior Officer, indulges in act of corruption.
    (h) Any official / worker assigned any work under performs the assigned work also indulges in acts of corruption.
    (i) Includes any acts punishable under Sec 161 of Indian Penal Code.
    4. Public Servant:-
    (I) Any person in the service or pay of the Government or remunerated by the Govt. by fees or commission for the performance of any public duty.
    (II) Any person in the service or pay of a local authority.
    (III) Any person in the service or pay of a corporation established by or under a Central, Provincial or State Act, or an authority or a body owned or controlled or aided by the Govt. or a Govt. company as defined in section 617 of the Companies Act, 1956.
    (IV) Any Judge, including any person empowered by law to discharge, whether by himself or as a member of any body of persons, any adjudicatory functions.
    (V) Any person authorized by a court of justice to perform any duty, in connection with the administration of justice, including a liquidator, receiver or commissioner appointed by such court.
    (VI) Any arbitrator or other person to whom any cause or matter has been refereed for decision or report by a court of justice or by a competent public authority.

    : 3 :
    (VII) Any person who holds an office by virtue of which he is empowered to prepare, publish, maintain or revise an electoral roll or to conduct an election or part of an election.
    (VIII) Any person who holds an office by virtue of which he is authorized or required to perform any public duty.
    (IX) Any person who is the president, secretary or other office-bearer or a registered co-operative society engaged in agriculture, industry, trade or banking, receiving or having received any financial aid from the Central Govt. or State Govt. or from any corporation established by or under a Central, Provincial or state Act, or any authority or body owned or controlled or aided by the Govt. or a Govt. company as defined in section 617 of the Companies Act, 1956.
    (X) Any person who is a chairman, member or employee of any Service Commission or Board, by whatever name called, or a member of any selection committee appointed by such Commission or Board for the conduct of any examination or making any selection on behalf of such Commission or Board.
    (XI) Any person who is a Vice-Chancellor or member of any governing body, professor, reader, lecturer or any other teacher or employee, by whatever designation called, of any University and any person whose services have been availed of by a University or any other public authority in connection with holding or conducting examinations.
    (XII) Any person who is an office-bearer or an employee of an educational, scientific, social, cultural or other institution, in whatever manner established, receiving or having received any financial assistance from the Central Government or any State Govt. or local or other public authority.
    Explanation-1 :- Persons falling under any of the above sub-clauses are public servants, whether appointed by the Govt. or not.
    Explanation-2 :- Wherever the words “public servant” occur, they shall be understood of every person who is in actual possession of the situation of a public servant, whatever legal defect there may be in his right to hold that situation.
    Note:- Definitions of more words should be included by Law Ministry.
    5. Establishment of Institution of Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt - its appointment functions:-
    There will be a Lok Pal at the centre and Lok Aayukt in all States and union territories, whose task will be prevention, detection, investigation of all Cases of corruption involving transactions of Rs. One Crore and above at all levels. However Prime Minister and Chief Justices of High Court and Supreme Court will not be in the ambit of Lok Pal. He will have full powers to award punishment including dismissal, imprisonments up to 7 years and forfeiture of money earned through corrupt means. He will be a person of impeccable integrity and will be selected by the Prime Minister with selected team as decided by him. The selection will be made from Retd High Judiciary, CAG, CVC, Chief of Defence Services, Director General Police, Secretaries of Govt. of
    : 4 :
    India & States, or any suitable person selected by the Selection team. He will be assisted by ten or more members as per requirement selected in the same manner. Term of office will be 5 years and will serve up to 70 years of age.

    He will have (another surveillance) team of 20 persons or more as per requirement of impeccable integrity whose task will be to act as ears & eye of this dept, and find out acts of corruption in any dept by surveillance. The team can make any enquiries of suspicious transactions and take such other action as deemed file. These persons will be drawn from Defence Para military forces. Police and Central Services on deputation, without any extra financial burden to the exchequer.
    Any person, on whose complaint, to the Department with solid evidence of video graphy, the 3 Superior officers of department in the chain have failed to take action within three months from the date of complaints, can file his complaint before the Lok Pal, who will have powers to take suitable action.
    It will have superintendence power over CVC, CBI, all Vigilance / Anti Corruption dept of Govt.
    Note:- Details incorporating above provisions will be drafted by Ministry of Law.

    6. Procedure of dealing with Corruption:-
    Case of public servants:-
    (a) Any citizen / complainant or public servant at any place in India on noting indulgence of any act of corruption will first equip himself with evidence by video clipping, still camera, audio recording, hidden camera, eye witnesses or documents, laboratory reports and video recorded tape. (Such eqpt will be permissible for widespread use in all Government offices / Courts etc without any restriction under any circumstances by an order of the Govt).
    (b) He will lodge a written complaint of acts of corruption indulged by any public servant along with evidence vide Para 6(a) above to the next superior officer of the department. The superior officer, on seeing the strength of the evidence, will summon the effected public servant and confront him with the complaint and evidence adduced against him. If the effected official confesses his guilt, and the offence relates as marked in Para 3 b, c, d, e, f, g, h, above, he will award the punishment of censure or fine up to Rs. 5,000/= summarily. In case he does not confess, he will detail an officer of his dept to investigate and submit report within 7 days. On receipt of the report, the officer will hear the case and finalise the case in not exceeding 7 days. In the subsequent offence of the same nature, punishment of stoppage of increment will be awarded.
    Note:- The penalties imposed should be commensurate with the nature of crime committed and should be limited to censure and fine or freezing of contract for offence for the first time for minor offences. The maximum limit of fine is Rs 50,000/=, but for first superior officer it should not exceed Rs. 5,000/=.
    (c) When the first superior officer is of the view that the offence demands more strict punishment, he will refer the case with photographic evidence to his next superior officer, who may increase the Quantum of fine and or with hold further promotion.
    : 5 :
    (d) In case, the Second superior officer is of the opinion that the offence demands more severe punishment, he will refer the matter to his next superior officer, who can order premature retirement or dismissal from service, as prescribed in CCS rules or cancellation of contract in case of contractors, suppliers, besides fine to them.
    7. Non Government Servant:-
    (a) Contractors: In case the material used is substandard and not as per specification, the payment should be withheld and assessment should be made to the loss caused to the State by use of such sub standard material. The double amount of that loss should be recovered from the Bill of the contractor.
    (b) Professionals: licenses should be cancelled, besides imposing fine.
    (c) Trusts / NGOs / Societies: Registration should be cancelled. Governors of the Board will be restricted from forming another trust / NGOs/ Society in future or being a member of such an entity.
    8. Action when Department officers fail to take action against the guilty within 30 days:-
    In case the Department officers fail to take any action against the guilty within 30 days these officers will also be deemed guilty of corruption.
    In that case the complainant will file a suit in the court of the Magistrate in whose Jurisdiction the area falls against Departmental officers as well as the officer against whom the complaint was made earlier. All cases will be heard on day to day basis by all courts, and final verdict should be given within 30 days.
    Note:- the concept of special courts makes the task of the complainant very cumbersome as these courts will be located at Distt. HQ and persons from Villages and kasbas will find greet difficulty in lodging complaints by going to distt. HQ. Hence it is desirable that complaint should be made at the nearest lowest court.
    9. Action against class IV Servants:-
    Departmental action will be taken by next superior officer of Class III category. In case offence of serious nature, action will be taken by class II officer in chain of command. Which may include dismissal and fine up to Rs. 50,000/=.
    10.Action against Class III servants :-
    Departmental action will be taken by next superior officer of class II category. In case the offence is of serious nature action will be taken by next superior officer of class I category in the chain of command.
    : 6 :
    11.Action against Class II Servants:-
    Departmental action against class II servants & equivalent will be taken by next superior officer of class I category.
    12. Action against class I officer having 5 years service or less:-
    Action will be taken by next superior officer having more than 5 years service, and similar punishment under CCS rules will be awarded.
    13.Action against class I officers having more than 5 years service, up to highest rank, MPs, MLAs, Members of the Judiciary:-
    The action will be taken by Lok Pal for Central Government Officers PSUs and Lok Aayukt for State Govt. officers. The penalties as per CCS rules, fine up to Rs 50,000/=, imprisonment up to 7 years, recovery of ill gotten wealth will be awarded. No minimum term of imprisonment is suggested.
    Office of the Prime Minister and Chief Justices of High Courts and Supreme Court will be outside the ambit of Lok Pal.
    14. Formation of Surveillance team for Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt:-
    A surveillance team will be constituted for working under Lok Pal & Lok Aayukt, consisting of 30 members or as many members as required for the task besides clerical staff. These persons will be drawn from the serving personnel of Defence (all 3 branches), Police, Para military forces on deputation. 20% of the cadre will be replaced after every 3 months. They will act as ears and eyes of not only Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt, but of all Govt. departments & PSUs. Their task will be to visit all Govt. office at random, have interaction with the citizens about the problems they are facing with Public servants, verify details themselves, record details by video, collect evidence and take action. They will be mobile on motor cycles, equipped with video, spy video, voice recorder to obtain impeccable evidence. They will file cases as per procedure vide para …………. above.
    15. Formation of a Surveillance team in each District :-
    A surveillance team will be constituted, headed by a class II Gazetted officer at each District HQ by the District Magistrate. It will have 20 field executive drawn or deputation from police and Defence forces, Para military forces, and two members, 2 clerical staff. Each member will be equipped with a video camera, still camera, Voice recorder and spy camera and a motorcycle. Ten sub teams of 2 officers each will be formed. Their task will be to detect violations of laws and rules amounting to acts of corruption committed by public servants. They will work SUO MOTO. Their broad duties shall be as under:-
    (a) Checking the late arrival & early departure of Govt. staff from their office place of working by taking a video film from the main entrance gate of all staff entering the office from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM, and from 3:00 PM till 5:30 PM. This clip will be given to head of the dept for initiating action by identifying the staff members. Coming late and leaving early.

    : 7 :
    (b) Checking the Government / Municipal Corporation schools of the performance of the class teachers, including late arrival, gossiping outside class room etc.
    (c) Checking the Sanitation condition of various areas and reporting the deficiencies to the next superior officer of that area.
    (d) Checking maintenance of Parks of Various areas and reporting the deficiencies to the next superior officer.
    (e) Checking the Police Stations about performance details of Beat constables and Divisional officers and allied matters including progress of investigations.
    (f) Checking the deployment of Traffic Police and its indulgence in acts of corruption.
    (g) Checking the actual construction work done by MPs, MLAs, councilors, LAD fund, and see if the cost is commensurate with the payment made to the contractor, and the work is as per specifications.
    (h) Checking the ration shops to see that full qty of rations is issued to bonafide card holders.
    (i) Inspection of weights and measures by the shopkeepers.
    (j) Inspecting the Quality of food / fruits /vegetables / cereals / pulses/ other edible food items being sold by the shopkeepers / vendors / hawkers / Rehire Patriwallas.
    (k) Inspecting sites being encroached by business people / residents / religions places of worship and insuring freeing of public land.
    (l) Taking cognizance of complaints regarding extortion of money by hoodlums / goons musclemen.
    (m) Keeping a watch on the groups of people seeking or donations for so called Charitable institutions by coercion.
    (n) Checking the internal road conditions for pot holes in various areas and reporting the condition to the next superior officer for action.
    (o) Collection of weekly / daily payment from the street / road side vendors by Police/ MCD/ local mafia.
    (p) Keeping a watch on all unauthorized parking sites in the area.
    (q) Keeping a watch on MNREGA schemes, that the funds are being properly utilized.
    (r) Visiting the Govt. hospital to see that medicines are being distributed to the entitled patients, and are not pilfered and sold in the market.
    Will take any such action which will be conducing to reduce the acts of corruption and hard ship to the citizens.
    Note:- 25% of the team members will be rotated every month to prevent their developing familiarity with the contractors, officials etc.
    The team will make visits at random and will not follow any fixed time schedule.
    The head of the team will report its performance to Lok Pal in case of Central Govt. / Lok Aayukt in case of State Govt. by 7th of every month. The format will be issued by Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt.

    : 8 :
    16. Functions of Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt:-
    (a) He will receive complaints of corruption relating to officers of Dy. Secretary level & equivalent in all Govt. PSUs, up to highest category of public Servants, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Judges of higher Judiciary, but will not include Prime minister and Chief Justice of High Court and Supreme Court. On receipt of complaints he will arrange investigation by a separate team under him. On receipt of report, the case will be heard by Lok Pal and decided as per law.
    (b) He will issue such directions from time to time to Govt. authorities making changes in their work practices, system of work so as to reduce scope and possibility of corruption, misconduct, public grievances and whistle blower victimization. These orders shall be binding on the Govt. and shall be implemented within one week of receipt of that order.
    17. Sanction for Prosecution of any Govt. Servant from Head of Dept or Govt. will not be necessary:-
    Sanction under Sec 19 of the prevention of corruption Act, and Sec 197 of Cr PC will not be required before proceeding criminal proceeding in any court of Law or Lok Pal / Lok Aayukt.
    18. Punishment of Offences:-
    As the definition of corruption is very wide, as per Sec 3 of this Act, the punishment should be commensurate with the seriousness of the offence. Punishment should be sure and speedy.
    The extent of punishment should be as laid down in CCS, CCA Rules section 11 to 14 and Prevention of corruption Act 1988. The principal of more severe the crime, more severe the punishment should be followed.
    19. Institution of Monthly reports from Public servants:-
    (a) All public servants of class I, II and III category will submit the details of the assets (movable & unmovable) in their own name, name of family, father & mother and children, (married or unmarried) Son in law, within 1 month of the promulgation of this order, with copy to statistical Branch, recording the market value on the date of declaration. They will also declare the name of Banks, Account No. and balance in every account and Date of opening the account including accounts in foreign bank every month. Changes if any will be declared every month. Non furnishing of these details will amount to case of corruption as minor offence, and penalties of minor offence will be awarded within one month.
    (b) In order to know the standard of living of class I, II & III servants each of them will declare every month the amount spent on electricity, petrol, education of children and purchase of any single item costing Rs.5000/- and above.

    : 9 :
    20. Modification in the Operations and system of raids conducted by anti corruption Departments:-
    The anti corruption department will establish its cells in each Govt. office where public dealing takes place, such as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Sub Registrar. Whenever these officers go for raid, they will induct a respectable citizen in their team.
    21. Citizens Charter:-
    Each office will lay down the detailed duties of every member of the staff and put it on the notice board. In addition, the head of the Dept will publish the time frame during which any application received from any citizen should be replied. The maximum period for any dept to take such action shall not exceed 30 days. If necessary staff will be made to work overtime and payment made as per rules.
    22. Penalty for noncompliance of citizen charter:-
    The concerned clerk / officer who is guilty of not taking action within the stipulated time shall pay a penal amount of Rs. 100/= per day of delay to the applicant from his pocket.
    23. Promulgation of ordnance:-
    The Govt. will issue ordnance containing following provisions.
    (a) Use of video cameras, spy cameras, still camera, audio recorder, mobile phone camera will be permitted for use by citizens in every Govt. office, courts for evidence. This will be admissible in evidence in every court of law unless it is proved that such evidence is tampered.
    (b) 30 days time limit will be given for investigation by all agencies including CBI, CVC, Anti Corruption Dept. and Police for FIRs. Suitable penalty will be imposed on investigating officer for delay per day, and money paid to the complainant.
    Note:- Above points contain the Broad concept as to how corruption at all levels, particularly at lower level can be eliminated. It has been written in a layman’s language to bring out the salient points. Other relevant clauses which are of procedural nature should be written by Ministry of Law.
    NYAYA BHOOMI (NGO) is confident that if above provisions are included in the Lok Pal Bill, the corruption will reduce at all levels in a short time.

    Lt. Col. B. B. Sharan (Retd.)
    President NYAYA BHOOMI
    Senior Citizen of 83 years
    288, Narmada Apartment, Alaknanda New Delhi-110019.
    Phone No.011-42173824/ 26034237 Mobile No. 9818014518.
    E-mail ID: /

  8. Lt. Col B. B. Sharan

    Subject :- Lok Pal Bill Date : 21st June 2011.

    Dear sir / Madam,
    1. You all are greatly concerned with the rising corruption in the country. A great awareness has been created in the public about Lok Pal Bill, which if enacted will make a dent in reducing corruption. Public is greatly harassed due to demand of bribe by Govt. servants at the lower level. They do not any work, unless bribe is given. Contractors use sub standard material, supplier supply sub standard and short quantity. Govt. staff remain absent for most part of the day after marking themselves as present. The list is endless.
    2. Anna Hazare team is embroiled in to controversy that PM and Higher judiciary should be in the ambit of the Bill. We do not agree with this proposal and say, that these office are highly dignified and should not be in the ambit of the Bill.
    3. We are of the view that route of taking bribe should be blocked at all stages. If it is done No bribe money can reach the officer. Public surveillance is very vital. If public remains alert and keeps an eye on the evil activities of public servants, the corruption will not take place.
    4. We have prepared our own Nagrik Draft of Lok Pal Bill which if implemented will eliminate corruption in a short time. Copy of our draft is attached. The salient features are as under.
    Definition of corruption: -
    (a) Supply of substandard material, in construction etc, leaving the office without permission for whole day after marking self as present, idling or knitting sweater etc in office has been included in the definition of corruption.
    (b) NGOs getting aid from Govt. will be public servants.
    (c) Powers for punishment have been given to the next superior officer of class III category and so on. So a superintendent can impose punishment of fine upon his clerks if they violate any rules or commit any offence.
    5. The individual can file his case at the lowest court, as going to Distt HQ to lodge complaint in the Court of Special Magistrate is very cumbersome and time consuming.
    6. The wide spread use of video, camera, audio recorder, is provided to get solid evidence. This will ease summary trial. Hence period to finalize the verdict is kept 30 days. One should realise that video taken on mobile phone can be transferred to another mobile phone, then to computer and to the CD and seen. This technology was not available earlier.
    7. A system of Formation of surveillance team has been suggested in all Districts and under Lok Pal. One should realize that teeth are not only power to punish, but power to collect evidence is also teeth. If video evidence is produced, the accused will be convicted even in the lowest court.
    8. A system of monthly reports of assets & expenditure for all class I, II, III, servants has been suggested. One has to realize that after getting tons of money through bribe, one does not eat Gold or diamonds, or wears clothes studded with diamonds. He uses money for leading a luxurious life, have whole house air conditioned, Cars for all family members, outing in 5 star restaurants, costly education foreign trips etc. The amount of consumption of electricity, petrol for cars, foreign trips etc will act as a barometer of life style. A regular scrutiny of such expanses received from all Govt. servants every month will give indication as to who are taking more bribes. If they lead paupers life, then why take bribe?.
    9. A time frame has been suggested in which the work of the applicant should be done in the office, failing which the dealing Babu will have to pay penalty to the applicant. This will ensure automatic action.
    10. In a nutshell, we say that we have made such proposals which if implemented will eliminate corruption in no time.
    11. What is the need of the hour: - The need of the hour is that the Bill, with our proposal should be passed in the coming session.
    12. If PM, higher Judiciary, MPs, MLAs, are kept out of its ambit, there is Prevention of corruption Act to deal with it. After all at present there is no Lok Pal, but so many ministers, MPs, big wigs are in Tihar Jail.
    13. Mr. Anna Hazare should not be adamant, that what their team has suggested should be passed. The urgent need is that whatever Bill is passed, it will be an improvement to tackle corruption, and further amendment can be made. After all even our constitution has been amended more than 100 times.
    14. Also in a country of 120 crores population, we can find 10 to 15 honest persons. So we should not think that PM, Minister, MPs, MLAs, etc all are dishonest, and they will select dishonest Lok Pal.
    15. We are forwarding copy of the Draft Bill, prepared by NYAYA BHOOMI and Shri Anna Hazare team. Please study, analyze and intimate to us, what provisions are accepted to you for inclusion, & which needs changes if so what changes and what should be deleted altogether. We will then make a final draft, and press the Govt. to consider it and pass it with modification if any in the coming monsoon session.
    16. We from NYAYA BHOOMI shall be grateful for an early response preferably in 7 days.
    17. Please mail this letter to 10 others with attachments, seeking their opinion.

    With Regards,

    Lt. Col. B. B. Sharan (Retd.)
    President NYAYA BHOOMI,
    Phone No. 9818014518
    Email Id- /

  9. kushal sarkar

    I am a big fan of our didi. I am an ex congress fighter and a railway employee posted at Metro Railway, Kolkata


    Dear Mamata( or hon'ble CM which one preferred ?),

    Your beginning is OK. Bring back glory of Bengal. Bengal has all forms of talents. Only consolidation is required. Keep away Ladenic forces in check irrespective of pary affiliations. Introduce R & D/ monitoring/ auditing by a group of multidisciplinary highly talented persons so that party's activities are "rusted" . Go for "manmaking and nation building" education. Let quality be our mantra. Skill + character = creative personality is our requirement. Strive for the same.

  11. Tapas Sen

    Dear Mamata Di,
    Sadar namaskar,
    Warmly congratulation for your success in uprooting last
    party.Pl. reshape the state so that we could feel proud as a Bengali in every sphere of life.
    Didi, give us also chance to share our problem which solve was impossible without you, lots of problem which we are facing from long times but there are no one who could share our problems and for that it was requested to you to look after all poor peoples like me was suffering from a land which was purchased by me on last year 2011 at proper Kolkata near by your house, but still I am unable to grow a small house for my family which was created by the local Club named DEEPAK SANGHA and this small land is belongs to Rash Behari Assembly, PS: Charu Market, Kolkata-700033, strangely all the Club members are claiming them as TMC members, all the proper papers I can proceed in front of you, Didi every where you are planning to return all lands to their owner then why not I can make house on my small land.
    Please Didi give me an opportunity to meet you and explain all the details.
    Thanks & regards,
    Tapas Sen

  12. kanu majumder

    Warmly congratulation for your success in uprooting last
    party.Pl. reshape the state so that we could feel proud as a Bengali in every sphere of life.

  13. Sudipto Bhattacharjee

    Sub:- Introduction of GVK EMRI-108- Emergency Ambulance Service, HMRI-104-Mobile Health Service, Health Information Helpline and Telemedicine facility in the state of West Bengal.

    We , on behalf of the inhabitants of West Bengal in general and Siliguri in particular, would like to express our gratitude to you for initiating innovative steps for the sake of improvement of healthcare within our state, which has been appreciated by the people from all walks of life. The surprise visits conducted by you to the various government hospitals and subsequently requesting the doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other medical workers to "Serve with a Smile" has truly energized the moribund healthcare system of our state.
    We, as ordinary citizens, would be immensely grateful, if you could kindly introduce the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) managed 108 Emergency Ambulance Service-a super-speciality ambulance facility fitted with advanced life support system-which could be availed by the people, 24x7, in both urban and rural areas. Also, the Health Management and Research Institute (HMRI) 104 Mobile Health Service (Mobile Medical Unit) is a unique facility by which a person could get medical care along with advice in the form of Health Information Helpline and Telemedicine facility, throughout the day. This particular facility comprises of a mobile hospital and laboratory, which could provide quality healthcare, to the inhabitants of the remote villages. The web sites of the above mentioned facilities are as follows :
    1. 108-Emergency Ambulance Service- www emri in
    2. 104-Mobile Medical Unit, Health Information Helpline and Telemedicine - www hmri in.
    Such facilities, if introduced, could become a path breaking effort on your part, for which the people of West Bengal in general and Siliguri in particular, would remember you forever.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Sincerely yours,
    1. Sudipto Bhattacharjee,
    2. Som Lal Munda
    3. Dhimat Sankar De Sarkar
    4. Santosh Kr. Verma
    5. Binod Ranjan Biswas
    6. Tapan Bhowmick
    7. Soumitra Ghosh
    8. Lalit Roy
    9. Biman Chettri
    10. Siromany Sharma
    11. Suman Chettri
    12. Tulsi Barman
    13. Bipul Dey
    14. Stella Ekka
    15. Chaitali De Sarkar
    16. Dibyendu Sanyal

  14. indrajit adhikary

    to the,
    hon.minister of West Bengal
    upen biswas
    sub: admitted but no vacancy in hostel( a seat of hellen killer badheer vidyalaya hostel for 11 years old 80% handicraft boys)
    i beg most respectfully to state that my son name koustav adhikary is admited in hellen keller badheer vidyalaya . he is 11 years old and 80%handicraft. he has admited in this school on 11/1/12 . support of digen sinha of helencha.a application has been submitted to him on 31st January festivals (sc and handicraft certificate delevary ) on helencha high school.
    i have not get any information. my contact no is 9434614655.i want your kind feedback quickly....
    you are respected by indrajit adhikary.

  15. Prasun Sengupta

    respected madam

    at the outset ,we thank you for showing so much interest in healthcare in paschimbanga.

    recently we have had very bad exprience in using DIAL 100 services in Kolkata .No body picks up the call .

    Here we have got an integrated emergency response services wherein one can have single 3 digit toll free number for any kind of emergecny /help like for medical,police,fire,disaster etc .This would only saves cost for the state but this integrated DIAL services will certainly help its citizen as there would single 3 digit number to memorize for any emeregency services.Right now we have many help line numbers which are vert hard to remember at the time of need.

    please call us for this kind of Integrated DIAL services which comprises ,Application ,Contact Centre Built Up & Data Centre Built up which are an integral part of any DIAL 104,108 based emergency response services..

    we take a great pride in sharing that all the contact centre/data centre/IT euipments were supplied ,installed & maintained by us only across all EMRI & HMRI centres in India as well as in Bhutan!

    We can even take care of Ambulance management services as well .

    Should you need these services then please do call me up

    Warm Regards
    Prasun Sengupta


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