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Why PCC Unit in AP or Telangana

All the political parties are weighing their political interests in the process of AP Bifurcation. The ruling Congress, TDP, TRS, YSRCP, BJP and MIM along with Left parties have their own political calculations. The ruling Congress at the Central level has completely lost the touch with ground realities in Andhra Pradesh.

The Congress is not sure of winning in any region even after conceding Telangana. The party is in desperate need of TRS merger and post poll alliance with YSRCP.

The State Unit virtually lost the relevance in state affairs and has nothing to do with the political strategy of the Congress high command. The high command is looking for pre-poll merger or alliance with TRS and post poll merger or alliance with YSR Congress.

It does not matter for the Congress high command whether the state level leaders accept their strategies or not. That is the kind of authoritarianism the Congress high command is displaying in dealing with AP affairs. In other words, the Congress may not require PCC either in Telangana or Seemandhra.

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