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Why System Restarting Automatically..

Is your system (PC) restarting again automatically? And is it showing any error message? These might be the cause of concern and worry and need serious attention from the user. There are two visible symptoms to recognise this problem. These are very common indications and one can suspect the augmenting need of overhaul of some important components of your personal computer (PC).

You can notice that the system restarts again automatically. This could happen after the display of welcome screen. Another important symptom is that the message on the screen showing "Your system has recovered from a serious error". Apart from these, you are sujected to lose the unsaved data when the system restarts without any alert. So much of your energies, time and money would also be wasted.
Most of the users go for virus scanning, OS (Operating System) change and formating of hard drives. These may not help if the root cause of the problem is much deeper.

Possible reasons and solutions... One important and most probable reason for the automatic restart of thw PC is that the mother board could be erratic. It is always better to be sure on this before going to purchase a new mother board.

Checklist: Follow these checklist before you decide on any overhaul of the system. 1. These will be a loose connection between the RAM and Motherboard. Try to fix this in the first stage. 2. Most of us keep the CPUs open without any cover to protect from the dust. This can also cause problem. Just clean RAM and motherboard with isopropyl alcohol. Implementing these two steps is easy and restart the system to check for the solution. 3. If the problem still persists, change the RAM with another working RAM. Still worried with the problem, change motherboard only. 4. If results turn negative even with these changes, its time to take a decision on internal makeover of your PC. Try to change the set of CPU, RAM and mother board. Go for the components depending upon your budget and configuration requirements. Compare the price and performance of components and get the best of your choice and finally hope for happy browsing!

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