The Government of Telangana has issued new guidelines for the implementation of Single Women Pension Scheme - 2017. The scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance of Rs. 1000 to all the helpless single women in the state of Telangana. Following are the eligibility requirements for Single Women Pension Scheme.

1) The beneficiary should have an annual income of less than Rs. 1.5 lakh in rural areas and Rs. 2 lakh in urban areas.

2) The beneficiary should not be included in any other social security pension scheme or she should not be a pensioner under any private or government sector organisation.

3) The single women is referred to married women above the age of 18 who had been separated from their husbands. Women whose husbands have deserted them also eligible. The separation period should be more than one year.

4) The unmarried single women whose age is above 30 years in rural areas and above 35 years in urban areas are also eligible.

5) The women have to submit details of separation period and the same should be ascertained by the local tahasildar. The annual household income of identified beneficiaries should be less than Rs. 1.5 lakh in rural areas and Rs. 2 lakh in urban areas.

6) Women above 65 years and with same categories will be included in Aasara pension scheme.

7) The benefit under Single Women Pension Scheme will be discontinued if she remarries or gets permanent employment or financial stability after the sanction of assistance under this scheme.

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