BBC4 Indias Daughter Documentary Banned in India

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has decided to encash the controversy surrounded on the documentary ‘Storyville: India’s Daughter’ by advancing the airing of the program in UK. The BBC has informed that the program originally scheduled for air on 8th March 2015 will now be telecast on 4th March 2015.

There has been so much controversy around the documentary as it shows the Indian men, culture and relations in the poor light. India has officially banned the documentary. The NDTV has the clearances from BBC to telecast the program in India. The program is to be aired in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Canada along with UK on BBC 4 Channel. It documentary was directed by Leslee Udwin.

The documentary has the interview of Mukesh Singh, one of the convicts in December 2012 gang rape case in Delhi. There is outrage from the social and women groups from India over the remarks made by Mukesh Singh in the interview and consequently the Home ministry banned the documentary in India.

But the BBC has forwarded the telecast time of the program considering the international interest on it. The Indian Government is yet to take measures to stop the program telecast in Britain. But the BBS informed that the ban on the program may not possible as it is beyond the jurisdiction of India.

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