Sivaramakrishnan Committee Report Highlights

Following are the important recommendations of Sivaramakrishnan Committee formed by the Union Home Ministry to look into the location for the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The Committee has submitted its report to the Home Ministry and the same may be sent to AP after Central Cabinet’s approval.

1) Andhra Pradesh should be granted special status by the Union Government to meet the fiscal deficit. The NDC has to be consulted with this regard and measures have to be taken on a speedy manner.

2) The establishment of capital city in the Guntur – Vijayawada region will be detrimental to the economic and ecological balance of the state.

3) Rs. 1536 crores are required to improve basic infrastructure in the new capital city region in Andhra Pradesh.

4) The land prices in the VGTM will rise leaps and bounds due to the proposed ring roads. This will spoil the irrigated lands in the Vijayawada – Guntur- Tenali – Mangalagiri region.

5) AP High Court should be established at Visakhapatnam and a Bench should be set up in Rayalaseema.

6) Raj Bhavan and Assembly need 15 acres and 100 acres respectively. VGTM region need 10000 acres for capital city. But the available land there is about 1458 acres only.

7) Land acquisition will be a huge problem for AP Government if it go for capital city in VGTM region. The land prices have already raised to a greated extent. It will also take 4-5 years to acquire private lands.

8) Government offices, educational institutions and other offices of government should be spread across 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

9) Secretariat and CM office can be established at Nuzividu, Gannavaram, Musunur areas. The committee also opined that all the offices need not be at one place as like in Hyderabad.

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