Jana Sena Party of Pawan Kalyan – Future Action in AP and Telangana

Jana Sena Party of power star Pawan Kalyan has completed all the formalities at the Election Commission of India and getting ready itself for the grand entry into the elections. Let us wish Pawan Kalyan will offer something new and useful to the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Mr Pavan Kalyan should adopt at least 2 constituencies each in Telangana and Andra Pradesh and develop them as a role models by implementing the welfare activities like never before and then only contest the elections in 2019 in both states. This is similar to the adoption of villages by Hero Mahesh babu after the movie Sirimanthudu.

Keep away Jana Sena from any personal benefits to family members of Mr. Chiranjeevi just like the way i have given up my sir name and also distanced myself from my parents to keep away a few relatives who ask personal favors after i happen to contest the next elections in 2019. Mr. Chiranjeevi has earned bad reputation after demanding for twin cities to be considered as union territory much against to the wishes of people of Telangana state. 

Lastly, Jana Sena will win the next elections only if capable persons are allowed to perform independently like the movie Gabbar Singh OR else it will become a flop show like Sardar Gabbar Singh just because of involvement of Mr. Pavan Kalyan in every division of the movie.

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