Telangana State Official Symbols – Paala Pitta, Jinka, Jammi Chettu and Thangedu Puvvu

The Government of Telangana State has announced official symbols and emblems of the State. The Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao himself scrutinized various options finalized the following as the official bird, animal, tree and flower of the new State of Telangana.

1) Telangana Official Bird: Paala pitta (Indian Roller-Blue Jay, Coracias benghalensis)
2) Telangana Animal: Jinka (Blackbuck)
3) Telangana Tree: Jammi Chettu (Shami Tree)
4) Telangana Flower: Thangedu Puvvu (Peacock’s Pride, Cassia sophora)

Jammi Chettu - Telangana Tree

Telangana Animal - Deer

Telangana Bird - Pala Pitta

Thangedu Puvvu - Telangana Flower

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