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30 thoughts on “Check EPF Balance Online in Karnataka – Bangalore

  1. Lona J.v.

    Sir, My A/C.No. KN/BN/25299/3101 Balance in your record Rs.15360/- But our working office record per ledger in 4 years Rs. 36,480/- . why should the difference. say please. our Joing date 1/5/2008.

  2. Girish kumar.P

    My pf no is KN/BN/24714/11919 I want no to which bank account my pf amount has been sent ? And also when ill get this amount

  3. kamalakumari

    EPF A/C No.4574809. PY KRP. Retired in April 2011. Statement from the KRP office to my employer Sishya BEML Public School showed a balance of Rs 27,000/-Balance credited to my Account with S B I Indiranagar branch only Rs 21,000/- . Request advise disposal of balance amount of Rs 6,000/= The Sishya Public School joined EPF only in the last 4 years. Hence not yet entitled to pension for its retirees from E P F even though I attained age of 60 years. Kindly review and credit total balance amount to my A/C with SBI Indiranagar No. 10447492319. Unable to reach PY KRP office as the email id and the three telephone numbers given on the web site are wrong.

  4. Mohanan Ponniyath

    The PF Accountant allotted as KN/WF/52338/223 under the Employer M/s U K N Properties or Waterline Hotels Pvt Ltd. The employees are in Kerala Branch. Annual Accounts of the employees have not been issued during the year 2010-11 or 2011-12. Could u please confirm whether the subscription deducted from the employees are properly remitted by M/s UKN Properties/Waterline Hotels Pvt Ltd. From the accounts it is revealed the subscription is remitted by Head Office Bangalore. The employees are not in a position to verify their balances. Many of the employees have requested for closure of account in Form 19. They haven't received the payment. No proper reply is received from the Head Office at Whitefield i.e U K N Properties/Waterline Hotels Pvt Ltd. pls look into the matter a proper reply is anxiously awaited.

  5. Srininas.V

    My EPF Account Number is 60062965. I have applied for it on 05/07/2012.
    When is the expected date for my PF amount. Please let me know.


    my pf account no also KN/BN/29088/01104.. though i am giving the right aacount number.. it says invalid.. plz help/guide me.. or send me how much balance is there in my A/C


  7. Jawahar Sharma

    Dear Sir/Mdam,

    My EPF Account Number is KN/24604/988. I have applied for it on 25/12/2012.
    When is the expected date for my PF amount. Please let me know.

    Ajay Jawahar


    My EPF A/c No.5004/1612 applied for final settlement. I got the SMS from your department on 22.11.13 saying that the "your settlement amount Rs.36420 & Rs.98568/- have been sent to my a/c No.45770210054944. Whereas, when I checked from my bank, I found out that nothing has come from EPF a/c. Kindly clarify.

  9. sachin s kamble

    i applied for PF ta 29th OCT,2013 But still i didnt et the amount. may i know the status on that.
    Sachin s kamble

  10. shivakumar s

    hi sir i applied pf ta 04/2010 butstill didnt et the amount.may know the status on that pf no. kn/26529/5384

  11. arup kumar saha


    My self Arup Kumar Saha, and my PF no is KN/WF/45671/3308,
    please inform me my PF balance upto sep'14

    Arup Kumar Saha

  12. Shweta

    Hallo Pf office,

    My pf number is KN/BN/42684/244, Can i know please when should i get my pf amount , everytime my office people say it already goes to my account but till date i didnot get my pf, So please help me . waiting for your positive reply.


  13. Arun Gopinath

    Worst service ever seen.Nobody pick calls in office. No response.
    want to know to which bank account amount is settled.Status shows payment already settled via NEFT. but i have not received for last two moths.

  14. Sangeeta.ghosh

    Hallo Pf office,

    My pf number is KN/BN/34278/35309, Can i know please when should i get my pf amount , I applied before 100 days, but till date i didnot get my pf, So please help me . waiting for your positive reply.

  15. shivanand hawshetty

    i have linked my account number to the iam in another city. should i transfer my bank account or open a new? will it not affect the continuation of my pf? please help in this regard.

  16. irene

    I quit my job in july and in month of november i got a message on my mob statingForm 10C (Withdrawal Benefit) Claim ID:BGBNG151000018116 Acct No BGBNG00239590000004206 approved for payment through Cheque. Payment under process. I m not able to check my epf balance also. Could you let me know how long will it take to get the credit since its no longer salary account n I hot from my bank call stating need to keep a huge aminy as min balance n I want yo close the account after this credit is received. Thank you so much.

  17. bharat sohani

    I quit my job as 30/11/2010 of my company
    Name is hofincons infotech & industrial service pvt ltd Banglore I join this company
    So please give information about my pf account cleared or no cleared and withdrawn when date

    Pf no. KN/13992/9608

  18. anil gupta

    Hallo Pf office,

    My pf number is KN/BN/35516/5862, Can i know please when should i get my pf amount , I applied before 100 days, but till date i didnot get my pf, So please help me . waiting for your positive reply.

  19. Km jagadishgowda

    Dear sir iam applyed three times pf form but not credit amount in my account .3time rejected my pf form .please tell me what happend my pf no.GRCDP00775090000001827

  20. Tapas Pal

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please help me to get my statement for the following pf account no.

    Dell Employee Id : 869962
    Dell PF A/No : KN/BN/24960/19325
    Updated PF A/No : PY/BOM/0024960/000/19325


  21. SandeepSain


    As per UAN Card Detail My name & father name is wrong mention.How to make change in PF Account so please tell me Process.
    PF ACCOUNT NO-GR / CDP / 69619 / 0002669
    Name-Sandeep Sain (Correct Name )


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