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Profile of Ram Reddy Damodar Reddy – Suryapet

Ram Reddy Damodar Reddy is 4 terms MLA from Thungathurthy Assembly Constituency of Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh. He served as Minister for Information Technology in the first cabinet of Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. His brother MLA Ram Reddy Venkat Reddy has been chosen for cabinet in the second cabinet of YSR in 2009. Damodar Reddy was elected to the Assembly from Suryapet Assembly constituency in 2009 elections. He has been consistent and strong voice in favour of Telangana statehood issue among the Congress leaders.

He was a staunch follower of YS Rajasekhar Reddy but Telangana issue and his quest for a cabinet berth in post YSR cabinets has made him antagonist of the YSR family. Failed in securing a place in N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet, Damodar Reddy appears to have threatening the Party bosses and tilting towards Y.S. Jagan’s fold. Damodar Reddy’s recent comments on Y.S. Jagan are indicating that he would support the Y.S. Jagan if the later stands for Telangana statehood issue. Nothing is impossible in politics! See the brief profile of Ram Reddy Damodar Reddy:

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2 thoughts on “Profile of Ram Reddy Damodar Reddy – Suryapet

  1. subhash chandra bose

    we are calling him as TIGER Damodar Reddy, why because he always roaring like tiger for telengana. he is one of the honest leader among the telengana leaders. he is the first person from congress who fighting for telengana. he has very good helping nature. suppose any body will go to him he will help them. our land is occupied by one constable in the year 2001 once i went to him for help with one of my known person, immediately he written letter to devineni nehru.(my land is still now with that constable only) eventhough i am from suryapet, at that time he is from thungathurty.Subhash Chandra Bose, Saudi Arabia(+966560814503)

  2. subhash chandra bose

    Hello sir, i am subhash chandra bose my native is suryapet my wife native is thungathurty. my unkle family members all are likes you. they are big fans to you(veeraboina madhusudhan yadav).when i was studying at suryapet i.e from the year 1996 i am your fan. i worked for you with Bharath Reddy, byru venkanna, koppula vena reddy etc. i am very known person to all political leaders of suryapet.whenever i will come suryapet i will meet you request please fight for telengana.please don't go back. please cooperate whoever is fighting for telengana. i know you are the first person from congress. if telengana will come you will become CM from congress.


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