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Tips on Organizing Information Effectively

We are living in the age of information. There are plenty of resources from which we shall collect information. These are Television channels, newspapers, magazines, radio, journals, internet etc. We also find sometimes that managing huge information is an uphill task one can not handle without proper planning in storing. This has been the reality irrespective of the profession you are into. It is even tougher task for bloggers and website owners to manage and remember different types of information. There are various online and offline methods and tips to organize bundles of information. Unless you organize your information more conveniently to find at any time, all efforts you have put into collect that would become futile and unproductive. Don’t forget the modern saying ‘Information is Wealth’. Here are some useful tips to categories and organize your vast information.

Though laptop is more traveler friendly, you can not carry it everywhere. Hence try to keep a tiny pocket dairy always with you. Who knows the birth place of great ideas? It can be anywhere. Carrying a small dairy is very convenient to write down interesting ideas and thoughts we found while walking, talking to friends, watching TV and reading books.

Yes, you may find idea of carrying a dairy is an aged one. Then go for using your cell phone to note down your random thoughts and points. Just type the point as a new message and save to the drafts. You can easily refer it in future. I usually save important and long addresses with house nos., plot numbers and also try to save some instant blogging tips found on the net. There are also some system applications like ‘One Note’ which would be very much useful in taking notes immediately in organized way.

You might have come across hundreds of useful web pages while browsing on net. Usually we bookmark a page if found it useful for any future reference. We shall use this feature to organize many pages. Just allot a tag to the pages according to the subject. Next time you can straightly go to that tag and open the web page. You can do this through Diigo book marking service. Some other online book marking services are Delicious, Furl, Mister Wong and Simpy.

You can also use free email services to store and organize data. Some times this could be a more secure way than hard disks and CDs. I usually copy the information to a blank page and post it to the email and label it with relevant subject lines like personal, office, banks, stocks etc. There are some online storage services like Sky Drive of Hotmail. You can store 20 GB information with a single account. But remember that some of these services do not allow you to store copied content or images. It is better to read policies of the company and avoid penalization and ban from the service.

These are a few instant tips on organizing and storing your information for more productive use. You may be following more creative and smart ways to do the same. Try to share it if you feel it will be useful to others as well.

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