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Tips on Writing Uncrackable Passwords

Please remember that if you are remembering your password easily, others might also guess it easily! So, make it a bit difficult for yourself first and it will be very tough for others even to guess and try your password. One important question / doubt so many people face while setting a password is whether it should be lengthy or short. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Short passwords are generally weak and easy to crack with little bit of observation while you are typing on your keyboard.

Your password must contain 10 - 15 letters to be on safe side. You might know or speak so many languages. For instance you know English, Hindi, Russian, French and some other native and foreign languages. Just pick up first letters of all the languages you know. You must add some other accepted symbols along with these. It is highly difficult to guess the password even if somebody interested in peeping through your fingers whe you are typing the password.

Another hint is adding last two letters of all your family members. If there are four members in your family, you shall get 8 letters in this way. Add a letter from the professions they have settled in. You might feel it difficult in the initial days but it is highly secured way of protecting passwords. You shall easily remember it after 3-4 difficult logins. You may also have unique ideas and tips on forming a strong password. Then don't hesitate to share those tips with others.

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