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Land Survey in Telangana – Records Update and Passbooks to Farmers

The Government of Telangana has proposed several reforms in land records of the state. The Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao has ordered the revenue department to digitalise all the land records after fresh survey across the state. As part of this, the passbooks will be directly sent to the farmers through courier / post.

The land survey will start from 1st September 2017 with the formation of Village Farmers Associations. These associations will also be formed at mandal level between 10th - 15th September 2017. Records will be updated from 15th September to the end of December 2017.

The Government is also insisting on sending epassbooks of the land to the farmers directly. The Government will be implementing its scheme to provide Rs. 8000 per acre after the updation of land records.

The methods of core banking system will be adapted in the land records system. The sale and purchase and registrations details will be updated automatically. An IT officer will be appointed by the Government at each registrar / revenue offices.

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