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Latest News about APJ Abdul Kalam- Death Rumours on Internet

This has been a very unfortunate and unwanted rumor in the recent times. While checking Google Trends India and Search Words for India on iGoogle, it is observed that the key works such as APJ Abdul Kalam / Abdul Kalam / Abdul Kalam passed way / APJ Abdul Kalam died / APJ Abdul Kalam Latest News etc. have occupied top search positions. The rumor has started circulating fast on net through Twitter and other social network sites. Famous commentator Sobha De has posted a tweet saying 'Salute to our greatest President'. She took back within minutes and removed the false tweet. Another interesting name that is on top searches is Kovai military hospital. Some sites have posted the rumour with more details such as former President APJ Abdul Kalam was admitted in Kovai Military Hospital with heart attack.

Key Words like Abdul Kalam, Abdul Kalam death, Abdul Kalam passed way have been on top 10 positions for a long time on 22nd March 2011 and still stayed on their slots with more people joining the search for the latest news on APJ Abdul Kalam. There are more similar key words cropping up within minutes. 'Kalam' was also one of the top Twitter trends today and unfortunately this has made its entry to other social networking services as well.

The fact is, it is A P J Abdul Kalam's former Educational advisor, Dr Hafiz Saleh Muhammad Alladin (80 years), who died on Monday night. It appears that some people mistook the news for the former president's death. Dr Hafiz Saleh Muhammad Alladin was one of the most reputed astronomers across the world, died on March 21, 2011 after a long illness. He was also known as one of the top 10 scientists in India in his chosen field. There are also answers to some questions such as Where did a.p.j. abdul kalam died? The Answer is: kovali military hospital.

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