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Pattadar Pass Books in Mee Seva Centers in Andhra Pradesh

Pattadar passbook in AP
Farmers and land owners in AP can get pattadar passbooks from Mee Seva Centers after submitting the details of the land.
The land owners in Andhra Pradesh can get the pattadar passbooks in Mee Seva Centers here onwards. They need not wait for the pass books to be arrived from Chennai printing center. You need to pay Rs. 25 service charge and submit all the details of land to get passbooks in Mee Seva center.

Following is the step by step procedure to get pattadar passbooks from Mee Seva Centers in Andhra Pradesh:

1) Visit Mee Bhoomi website and link Aadhaar number with your land records. These details are essential to apply for pattadar passbook and title deed in Mee Seva Center.

2) Online application should be filled with the details of name, aadhaar, mobile number, webland khata number, survey numbers, extend of land etc. Pay Rs. 25 service charge at Mee Seva Center.

3) Self Affidavit has to be submitted in the prescribed format.
4) The Mee Seva Center will check biometric and eKYC details of the pattadar / land owner. The same will be cross checked with Aadhaar number available in Webland records.

5) Details of land mentioned by pattadar seeking passbook will be verified at Mee Seva Center.
6) Online pattadar passbook will be displayed on the computer screen if all the details are correct and match each other. You will get a print out of the passbook within minutes.

7) These pattadar passbooks will have several security features like unique number, QR code etc. It will have digital signature hence does not require manual signature by Tahasildar / MRO / VRO etc.

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