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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mayavati has come out with a master political strategy to defeat the arch rival Congress Party and others including Samajwadi Party and BJP in the forthcoming Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) elections in the state to be held in 2012. Mayavathi has proposed to divide the present state of UP into four new states as Haritha Pradesh, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal and Avadh (Central UP). This comes as a shock to the Congress which is under pressure to regain the past glory in UP. The Congress party immediately responded with the proposal to form Second State Reorganisation Commission (2nd SRC). This has been put forward by the Congress as a political strategy to contain BSP and it's chief Mayavati in UP along with TRS in Andhra Pradesh. Following is the geographical nature of proposed division of UP by Chief Minister Mayavati:

1) Haritha Pradesh: This includes regions of Paschimanchal, Paschima Pradesh and Brazpradesh. About 30 Lok Sabha and 150 Assembly segments will comes under this proposed state.

2) Purvanchal: The regions comes under this are East Avadh, Paschim Bhojpuri (West Bhojpuri), North Baghelkhand etc. Around 32 Lok Sabha seats and 160 Assembly segments fall into Purvanchal area.

3) Bundelkhand: It is proposed that 7 districts from Uttar Pradesh and 5 districts from Madhya Pradesh will be joined to form Bundelkhand state. Accordinglys 5 lok Sabha and 20 Assembly seats from UP and 8 MP and 35 Assembly seats from Madhya Pradesh will be included in Bundelkhand.

4) Avadh (Central UP): The areas left after carving out Bundelkhand, Haritha Pradesh,s Purvanchal will comes under this region. It is estimated that this Central UP will consist of about 20-25 percent Dalits, 9-12 percent Brahmins and 18-26 percent Muslims. 14 Lok Sabha and 60 Assembly seats comes under this region. Amethi and Rai Bareili also falls into Central UP. Samajwadi Party may have edge over other political parties in this region.

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