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One of the major problem faced by many customers while booking train ticket online or mobile phones is that the money debited from the bank account but ticket not booked. This problem may arise due to several reasons such as power failures, unexpected shut down or restart of your computer, disconnection of the internet, log outs at wrong time etc. But you need not worry about your money at any stage of the train ticket booking. IRCTC has excellent support to assist you through out your ticket booking session and guide you properly in eac hostage of the process.

The online payment system for ticket booking at IRCTC involves complex issues of technical and telecommunication networking integration. The newly introduced NGPAY mobile ticket booking system also involves networking between customer's Internet bandwidth, IT system of banks and payment gateways and is dependent on internet connectivity across various constituents. Any failure or delay or snags in this complex network of IRCTC may cause transaction failure before completion of the ticket booking. This may result in debit of your money from the bank account but ticket may not be booked. This will be due to following reasons. Whatever may be the reason, if your ticket is not booked but money debited, you will be paid by IRCTC in due course of time. You may have several other doubts on the ngpay booking system. Following are the reasons and actions IRCTC initiate in such cases:

A) Possibility One:

1) Status in 'My Transactions': Payment Settled
2) Cause : Passenger choosed for particular berth at the time of booking and ticket not booked due to berth choice was not available.OR
Other reasons such as network failures etc.
3) Action by IRCTC: Amount is credited back to customer's account on next day..
4) Action by Bank: Bank will credit back the amount within 2-3 working days.

B) Possibility Two:

1) Status in 'My Transactions': Settlement Failed
2) Cause: System or network failure or any other cause at banks or PG before remitting to IRCTC account
3) Action by IRCTC: Amount is not credited to IRCTC account.
4) Action by Bank: Amount is refunded to customer's bank account by concerned bank in consultation with IRCTC.

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