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Telangana Land Records Digitization in all Districts

The Government of Telangana is set to digitise all the land records in the state except Nizamabad and Hyderabad districts. It will be part of the Centrally sponsored projects and the project cost is Rs. 150 crore out of which Rs. 120 crore will be funded by the Central government.

The land records in Medak, Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda, Adilbad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Warangal districts will be digitised as part of the project. The project is named as National Land Records Management Project.

The project includes surveying lands, updating records and digitising the records. In Nizamabad district the land records are already digitised and updated under the Bhoo Bharati scheme. This scheme was also sponsored by the Central Government.

Hyderabad was excluded from the project as it require a different strategy for implementation of land records scheme.

The digitisation work would commence in Warangal district on a pilot basis and will be extended to the remaining six districts in a phased manner. A team of Centre for Good Governance (CGG) will visit Warangal next week to study the strategy of implementation.

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3 thoughts on “Telangana Land Records Digitization in all Districts

  1. josehp ks

    we have received the land under GOms 58 for 115sq yds sir, we want to know is it applicable to me and our colony members who got this patta. plz tell us sir

  2. Amarnathguptha advocate

    It is a good project from the goverment of Telengana.But the latest transfers of the lands cannot be rec0rded at a early time. It is very important to link up all the sub registrations offices in the state to the revenue department lad rec0rds so that all alienations of the lads can be glanced by every web visitor.


    Dear Sir,

    I need advise on this.

    I am ready to purchase the land 1/2 acre at Jalalpur. At present, I have Land Owner Right copy. Using this can I verity whether the land is clear or any issues.


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