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Andhra Pradesh Budget 2012-13 Highlights and Allocations

Anam Rama Narayana Reddy, Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh has submitted State Budget 2012-13 in AP Assembly on 17th February 2012. This is the second consecutive budget of Rama Narayana Reddy as a Finance Minister. It is observed that the Budget 2012 -13 outlay will cross Rs. 1.4 lakh crores. Agriculture, Irrigation, Urban Development, Civil Supplies and Rural Employment sectors received higher funding in this budget. Following are some of the highlights of Andhra Pradesh Budget 2012-13:

1. Annual Growth rate of the state is higher than National growth rate.
2. Drought help from Center: Rs. 3500 Crores
3. Non Calamity fund from center: Rs. 246 Crores
4. Implementation of Kg. Rice for Rs. 1
5. 15 Lakh jobs for unemployed youth in private sector
6. Farmer self help groups: Rs. 1075 crores with out interest
7. 15 lakhs jobs under Rajiv Vidya Mission
8. Agricultural credit for 10 lakhs self help groups
9. Indira Jala Prabha for digging of bore wells
10. 50 lakh beneficiaries under Rachabanda
11. Infrastructure development in coastal areas: Rs. 25 crores
12. Rural Development: Rs. 600 Crores
13. Panchayat Raj : Rs. 200 Crores
14. Small and Medium Irrigation : Rs. 300 Crores
15. Roads and Buildings : Rs. 100 Crores
16. Agriculture sector: Rs. 2572 Crores
17. Civil Supplies : Rs. 3175 Crores
18. Rural Employment: Rs. 188 Crores
19. Roads and Buildings: Rs. 5032 Crores
20. Housing: Rs. 2302 Crores
21. Urban Development: 6586 Crores
22. Tribal Welfare: 1540 Crores
23. BC Welfare: Rs. 3014 Crores
24. Women and Child Welfare: Rs. 2283 Crores
25. Minority Welfare: Rs. 489 Crore
26. IT Department: Rs. 151 Crores
27. Higher Education: 1841
28. Technical Education: Rs. 1087 Crores
29. Primary Education: Rs. 15510 Crores
30. Irrigation: Rs. 15010 crores

It is very clear from the above allocations that the state government is concentrating ore on the welfare schemes of the earlier governments. Education and Social welfare sectors get good support from this budget.

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