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AP Legislature Website for MLAs from 2012

Members of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly are going to become tech savvy representatives from January 2012. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is going to launch a dedicated website on the name of 'AP Legislature' (May be OR OR OR exclusively for MLAs. Salient features of this online services for MLAs is that they can avail entire information regarding their schedule of Assembly Proceedings, Benefits they have and can avail along with close contact with the Speaker of the House.

MLAs need not carry any paper and pens to Assembly from January 2012, if the proposed online web services are launched. All the MLAs were already given advanced Mobiles, Laptops and tablets by the Government. These are going to be used for the online information sharing with Speaker along with many others. All the legislators will be given their username and password to login to their respective Assembly account and can perform their duties as per the schedule.

Following are some of the benefits MLAs can avail through this initiative:

1. MLA can avail information of people who benefited from government programs in their constituency.
2. Can get data of senior citizens and other receiving pensions and other benefits.
3. They can contact Speaker of the Assembly online.
4. MLAs can check daily assembly proceedings during the sessions.
5. They can also check Question Hour of the Assembly session online.
6. They can avail any constituency related information through SMS and email. They can use that data while speaking in the Assembly.

A separate website with the name of ‘AP’ will be developed by experts, exclusively for the use of the Andhra Pradesh Legislators. MLA of Chintalapudi, Maddala Rajesh Kumar is heading the team of 9 MLAs of all parties formed for the development of this website. Details of Legislative Council also will be provided on this website.

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