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APCBS Loan Status List Corrections and Complaints

With the announcement of list of eligible farmers under the crop and gold loan waiver scheme by the government of Andhra Pradesh, several issues related to the scheme have come up and people are running after banks and officials to get more information on the issue. It is observed by the many beneficiaries that the information is not complete and several mistakes also reported by some farmers in Andhra Pradesh. You can check your crop loans and gold loans status at .

In the loan waiver schedule announced by the government a few days back, it was mentioned that the farmers will have a chance to bring the corrections and complaints to the notice of concerned officials. But in practice at the ground level, either bank officials or revenue offices are not giving any clarifications on the doubts, mistakes and corrections to the farmers.

APCBS Portal - Know Your Crop and Gold Loan Status in AP

AP Agri and Gold Loan Waiver Schedule - First List

AP Loan Waiver Scheme GO and Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the state government to set up proper mechanism to redress the grievances of the farmers. Several farmers are complaining for not including all the loans in the data displayed on the website.

Users can check the recent posts on this website for more information on agriculture and gold loans status scheme of government of Andhra Pradesh. You can also write a comment on the issue as some other users may come to your risk and help you to find a solution.

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51 thoughts on “APCBS Loan Status List Corrections and Complaints

  1. Hussainaiah

    Hi sir,

    My Ration card number is WAP134001100055 when i enter this it's showing incorrect information(Mapped with other person data). Showing "SMT D DASTAGIRAMMA (Female)
    Kurnool-Uyyalawada - Thudumuladinne - W/O PEDDA MAHABOOB SAHEB" .

    but this is not mine and also all the information except Ration card number everything is wrong(Aadhar card number, loan acc , amount etc).
    My Address and Name as below.
    Dudekula Pedda Hussainaiah
    S/o D Dastagiri ,Kurnool-Uyyalawada -Rupanagudi.
    My Ration Card number was mapped with others Adhar card and their data.

    Please suggest me, how to correct this?


    1. g.aswartha reddy

      sir , my rationcard number is correct.They got the required data
      from adhar and ration card. But finally says that rationcard needed
      onceagain.It is very hard for the true farmer how to explain the facts.
      Gov. is inconvenienting the farmers.

  2. madan

    sir loan waiver list have lot of mistakes .their is cocsiderd mainly chillies crops scale of finance i s only 6000 thosand rupees only in kurnool dist.but as per as govt dist selection commitee give the chillies scale of finance is minimum 10,000 to 30,000 rupees only.but their is no result in loan waiver pls consider me request sir ........thank u very much sir

  3. Bhargav Reddy Piduru

    Wrong data entered for us which requires a correction...! Neither the bank manager is ready to take a correction request and not sure which state officials to be contacted...!

    If any one aware who to contact and where to raise this request please let me know at earliest.. Thanks in Advance..!

  4. duggana veera venkata ramana and my wife suryakumari

    my self and my wife applied for loan debt relief.the remark in website is family record not available.we took loan 150000/each in yeleswaram unionbank eastgodavari.i request you to consider us as wife and husband and waive my loan


    Hi sir
    We are taken crop loan one (01) lack rupees from bank but second list tells you are loan in eligible crop list
    what to do ?

  6. RamaRao

    Dear Sir,
    Actually my mother name menction loan status,but she does not any bank account & croploan.and also no agricutural passbook.bankers have menction in her aadhar number&ration card .her aadhar no:741809900759,ration card no:WAP0718005A0086.please give me suggesstion ,how to remove to list of my loan list That Account of SBI Karempudi branch Guntur distt (corp loan account n
    no:30556638232)that is another lady of my village,that account assign to my mother,ple give me suggesstion how to remove to my list
    Thank You,

  7. botlagunta venugopal choudary

    in second phase of my name is not eligible beacuse of multiple ration cards this is mentioned in remarks colum. The bankers are not enterd my actuvai rationcard.The actuval ration card number author number loan a/c number and name of the bank are here with bellow do justice.pap0981o2600281 is rationcard numer is 956818711542 is my author and bank loan a/c number is 869232110000132. this ismy detailes

  8. Vevugopal choudary

    Wrong ration card number was entered in my loan account number 869232110000132 bank of India kavli branch instead of PAP09810260028126 they entered wAP0903011A0014.Thus result same aadhar is in multiple Rationcards.My Aadhaar card number is 957818711542.Where i have to make changes

  9. janakiram.v

    MY ration card no wap105301400211 Aadhar no 237519721401 my crop loan acc no1.6041913522 Gold loan accno 6106957445&6106960220 my problem is gold loan shows in Phase 2 list but crop loan acc data not found so pls suggest me how to get runa mafi elegible

  10. Saibabu Gajula

    Two ration cards tagged to Aadhar card for crop and gold loan where we have single ration card. We are tried to correct this by approaching bank manager (List prepared by Bank initially)

  11. Sanepalli bayapu reddy

    Respected sir in my rationcard number is same to the other family so how to reject the another persons in my family please tell me


    MY ration card no WAP0483039A0389 Aadhar no 901586539610 my crop loan acc no 6045208095.Gold loan acc no 018310011008591 my problem is gold loan and crop loan acc data not found so pls suggest me how to get runa mafi elegible

  13. Srilakshmi

    Hai sir,
    My Mother Aadhar No 585037736004 and have the 2 gold loans 1,38,000 and my loan is 47000 totally 185000 but in the first list wrongly entered(twice of each loan) , due to this mistake the relief issued amount shows in the list as 75000 only ?
    what to do sir?

  14. kondaiah

    KONDAIAH says:
    JAN 2nd, 2015at 6:30 pm
    Hi sir,

    My Ration card number is WAP133803100148 when i enter this it’s showing is correct,so my mother was die and she didn't get them aadhar at that time so they were send the remarks is aadhar is Valid Aadhaar number not available;Furnish valid aadhaar number to VJC
    K NANDAMMA (Female)
    C/o nadipi linganna
    011 -Andhra Bank
    0020 -ALLAGADDA
    KCC(Kisan Credit Card)
    Crop Loan
    Pattadar Pass Book
    Please suggest me, how to correct this?


  15. padala jyoteeswara rao

    dear sir my grand father loan account have one crop & two gold loans but he eligible only crop loan debt only plz suggest to me how to get both gold loans debt

  16. B Bosu Babu

    Dear Concerned,
    I am from Narasayapalem (Post),Bapatla (Mandal),Guntur (Dt).We are doing "kavulu"of 4 acras from last 20 years and we belongs to schduled caste and we dont have single cent of own land.So we are doing "kavulu" and for this we took a loan from Andhra Bank Narasayapalem by kept my mothers gold in bank,because the land owners will not give passbooks to us to keep in bank.For people kind of us doing "Kavulu"with out having pass book and only option to get loan is keeping gold in Bank.We are very poor people.The Government giving waiver and it is appriciatable.But it should helpful to the poor people like us.But when i go to bank they are saying because of no valid land documents we are not eligeble for Loan waiver.Please tell how do we have a land documents with out having own land.Please help us we are very poor and tell me what are the possibilities to get loan waiver.
    We took loan on my mothers name as
    Name:Bakka Prema Kumari
    Bank and Branch:Andhra Bank,Narasayapalem
    Aadhar Card no:449114628115

  17. duggana veera venkata ramana and my wife suryakumari

    our loans are pending in the second phase due to lack of family details-due to shifting my residense from jaggampeta to yeleswaram i did not get ration card-thats why i submitted voter id proofs to the bank-please consider this and settle the issue-

  18. ganesh

    Hi all, i have an acre of land and had loans in 3 banks upto 1.2lacs, and in the recent loan waiver list the same is given as eligible for waiver.
    Now I sold the land, and when i am going to banks for loan waiver amount, they are asking me about the original Pass Book. And how can i have original Pass Book after selling the land? I am having the Xerox copy of the pass book, but State bank is not giving my Waiver amount with out original Pass Book.
    Please Suggest me. What i have to do to get my waiver amount from the banks?
    Thanks in Advance.

  19. thammali mahanthesh

    Thammali Ramalingappa S/O Karibasappa loan a/c no. 168/2009
    Namini Ration card number is WAP130201500483 and Aadhar 373627755262 when i enter this it’s showing is correct,so my father was died in 11/01/2010 and he didn’t get them aadhar at that time so they were send the remarks is aadhar is Valid Aadhaar number not available;Furnish valid aadhaar number to VJC
    T.Sugamma (Female)
    W/O Ramalinganna
    Kurnool-Adoni – Kosigi-Sathanur
    033 -Syndicate Bank
    3393 -Kandukur

    KCC(Kisan Credit Card)
    Crop Loan
    Pattadar Pass Book
    Please suggest me, how to correct this?


  20. murali

    Hi sir my father and mother taken the loan 65000.In the loan waiver list we are getting only 25000 on the span of 5 years .but govt annoce 150000 to each family. We have suited the same documents in Bank and society which causes the problem. How I will get full amount. In mee seva they are not taking new documents.kindly help us

  21. allu Tavitamma

    sir, MY mother taken loan 40000, adahar card number 860995813405 and ration card number WAP020802500417 entered correctly but gender entry made mistake i,e female instead of male,how to rectify my mistake please help us.

  22. kone sitaram

    My father name Jagapathi adhar no 247998301939 we took loam 38000 from society bank but as per loan weaver list the same was showing two times and loan also not weave full amount less than 50000 society persons not responding properly and asking to pay full amount please give some assistance how to go further.

    Thanks in advance

  23. kalyan

    My name is kalyan,in ap croploan waivary 2nd phase list is released.i have entered my aadhar number but the status is ur not submitted land document.what i will do .if i submit land document to the it possible to clear the my loan.plz respond my comment


    My Ration Card No. WAP115003800088 was wrongly printed. Hence, the loan reimbursement is stopped due that mistake. Several times, I have approached the Bank officials and MRO officials. But no response from them. Kindly suggest me how to rectify the mistake. L Pullaiah, Bandivandlapalle, Burujupally post, Galivedu (Mandal), Cuddapah District.

  25. k venkataravi

    there is lot of confusions in loan waiver list, in first list both my father and mother names listed as some other information required. we have submitted again to our bank officials. in second list mother name displayed, but father name missed, and shown in remarks Valid proof of identity not available. why they are showing like that, already two time submitted all required documents clearly. My father Name: Kotapati Sriharidas, Gandepalli village, kanchicacherla mandal, krishna dist. AADHAAR No:481301003880, ration card no:PAP060603100513, loan a/ dt:25/03/2013, bank:DCCB krishna. kidly check and give eligibility loan amount 53,000/- only.

  26. Srinivasulu Palepu

    My Name is Sreenivasulu Nellore dist Sydapuram Mandal we have taken loan of Rs.40 Thousand with gold loan, but till we have not releaf, Banker said wait for second time, but Second time list also came till we have not received any result, how to know the details kindly suggest.

  27. Krishnaveni

    Dear sir,
    I am Krishnaveni who didn' get my name even in second phase list
    I M the owner of pattadhar passbook after I get married shifted to Hyderabad and had aadhar from here number is 790446618629
    And my voter id is IMH0027102 which is from Andhra.I dont have ration card.I submited my aadhar and voter id instead of ration card.plz let me know where should I complaint for this because nobody in bank , mee seva and VRO also not responding properly and saying we dont know.

  28. V.Swarna manjari

    Sir ,
    my name is swarna manjari
    this is my aadhar No;624153365285
    Pattadar Pass Book
    this my Pass book no:332916(2617)
    survey No:101/3,u have mentioned in 2nd list land document not provided
    Please suggest me, how to correct this?

    1. admin

      Hi Swarna Manjari,
      Contact concerned revenue officials for corrections. They have fixed some time for the receipt of corrections as well. Pls check it.

  29. Satyanarayana


    Ref: My Aadhaar no.-211202396443 and my spouse aadhaar no.-349168903479

    I am satyanarayana. I got debt relief in phase-2. But my debt relief has been linked up with another persons ration card number i.e.,WAP0335010B0050 whereas my ration card number is-PAP043501000491.

    Please consider my request and reply soon.

  30. Sreenivasulu

    My Name is Sreenivasulu Nellore dist Sydapuram Mandal we have taken loan of Rs.40 Thousand with gold loan, but till we have not releaf, Banker said wait for second time, but Second time list also came till we have not received any result, how to know the details kindly suggest. we are awaiting for your reply

  31. Lakshmipathi S


    My father and mother have one loan each in IOB Bank of total amount 69000/- principal amount for almost 3.2 acres of land for the crop sugarcane.

    In both the loan we are seeing land associated is half acre each. So amount waived for us is almost 20% of total amount. Bank people are stating mistakes will happen, but they are not keen to responsibility.

    Government stated that below 50,000 means, they will be clearing in single attempt, Govt waived 20K for one loan that too for 5 years. If we wait for next 5 years these 20K will be even not enough for interest, this is waste of money for govt and as well as farmer.



    Respected sir,
    As per the rules of runa maafi i have given my land and bank account details and patta pass book details,but when you announced the list of eligible candidates the amount which has given by you went to another person account who is with same name.I have applied for the change in mro office but in third phase also the result is same.I request you to consider my request
    here are my details
    West Godavari-Gopalapuram - Chityala - S/O BHASKARARAO,VELLACHINTALAGUDEM

    MY loan account:30486393673

    002 -State Bank of India
    07540 -Chityala
    ration card:WAP0505014A0319


    Dear Sir/Mam,
    This is Ginni Narasimha Murthy, i had taken agricultral loan from AP GVB in 2013. As per the rules of runa maafi i have given my land and bank account details and patta pass book details,but when you announced the 2nd runa maafi list of eligible candidates ""Family unit can not be uniquely determined, as loanee's name is in multiple ration cards"". My ration card numberwas wrongly entered in other pesron database. But my debt relief has been linked up with another Aadhar card number i.e. 500661019506, Name: Kancharana Latchamma, whereas my ration card number is-WAP013061900030, Aadhar Card is 461109044175.
    I have applied for the change in Collectro office but in third phase also the result is same Status.I request you to consider my request.

  34. G. Siva rami reddy

    Sir , I have takan crop loan Rs.1,00,000/- from Andhra bank, perusomula, kurnool dist,on 2/1/2013.but in all three phases the runa mafi was not effected to me. I don't know why?what is wrong?i have submitted all details of my a/c, aadhar no,and ration card details,please look into it and do justice to get my runa mafi
    Aadhar no.PAP1582129B0433
    A/c no.091310100032389
    Loan a/c no.091313100071731.

    Thanking you,


    Dear sir,

    My ration card number was printed wrong . The number printed is WAP1181007AO342 after A it is 0 . The correct number is WAP1181007A0342. due to which in the remarks column it is showing as Family unit can not be uniquely determined, as loanee's name is in multiple ration cards
    Details of family unit not available
    thanking you sir,

    Yours faithfully,
    Y.S.R.Cuddapah-Cuddapah - Gudur - S/O L VENKATA SUBBA REDDY 1/1177;YERRMUKKAPALLI-5

  36. s.vara lakshmi

    I s.vara laksmi aadhar no:921870757947. iam not getting full eligable amount in runamafi due to I have taken gold loan with pass book amount of rs.195000/- in sbi aganampudi branch.our land 3.20 acres per 1 acre govt eligablr amount 32000 total:102400/- we have paid 136000/- after cut off date 31-12-2013. Govt declared after cut off date you can paid, which amount you will be paid the amount also eligable for runamafi. so we have paid 136000/- but sbi aganampudi entered wrong posting. they have shown only 66929/- instead of 195000/-. so iam not getting eligable amount. so please verify my loan amount to help me us to get eligible amount.
    s.vara lakshmi


    I applied for agricultural loan in I'D I jury last. But manege could not give me that loan please give me that loan

  38. P LAXMI

    Respected sir, I have taken gold loan of Rs.1 Lakh in Indian Overseas Bank, Anakapalli branch bearing my A/c. No.431301062 fvg : Pandranki Appala narasimhulu and Laxmi. (Joint A/c.) for agricultural purpose. My Agricultural and land lying in vizinagaram dist. I have submitted all related documents in IOB, Anakapalli Branch . I have also registered in Portal also, but i have not received any runa mafi amount till date. So, I request your goodself to please look into the matter and help us .

  39. pallela venkatrvamma

    Dear concern,
    We have taken crop loan Rs.90000/-in 2012. Runa maafi not availe 1,2 & 3rd list.system tells details of family not available.
    Aadhar no: 260978731511 : 700313016001794
    Name : pallela venkatravamma

  40. bapuji

    i am Bapuji Naidu i have applied to runa nafi for 3 times with all the documents but all the 3 times it says "Details of family unit not available" and i also sent all my documents to kotai commitee (andra pradesh vyavsa commisioner office hyderabad ) so please help me in settling my debt relief

    ADADHAR CARD : 291771884786

    VOTER ID NO : YRL1408252

    078 -Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank 11406600042
    4066 -Venkatagiri 01/09/2007

    50009 -DCCB-Nellore 404
    15061 -Venkatagiri Branch-Byravaram 26/06/2013

    EMAIL :

    PH NO : 9444449695 , 8686441921



  41. c. pratapa Reddy

    Sir I'm c. Pratapa Reddy residing at kadapa
    I have a land of acres 11.20 asper my 1B and i got a loan of Rs 90,000 at RGB Vallur
    But in runamafi i got only for 1.2 acres
    Remaining amount who will pay to me
    So please check it and then help me thank u
    My Aadhar No is 887976070973.

  42. J Venkat reddy

    My gold loan is cleared in 2nd phase. But i paid the amount earlier. So, i have to get the amount back. But i didn't. Where should i complain about these?
    how would i get the amount?
    could you please help me.

    1. admin

      Dear Venkat Reddy garu,
      You can contact the bank manager concerned for the procedures with regard to gold loan waiver scheme.


    my father took a gold lone in saptagiri grameena bank talapula village it has been given for sugarcane has an eligibiity for debt redemption but shows in the loan status no data found .
    sir please verify N.SUBRAMANYAM S/O N.MUNEPPA
    LOAN AC NO:AGJL 92358219
    ADHAR NO:2622 8853 2727
    RATION CARD NO:WAP103104300002.sir the bank manager gave an eligibility form also. it was sanctioned on 29/10/201. SIR PLEASE VERIFY THIS

  44. Appalaramu Palavalasa

    sir loan a/c no:32346012507,aadhar Vangara branch, srikakulam dist , ap state.First phase amount sanctioned.second phase not plse reverification my particulars and sanction 2nd and 3rd phase loan waiver amount.Thanking you.. yours favour rythu.


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