Amaravati ORR

The ORR works have been started in Amaravati, capital of Andhra Pradesh. The Government has started land alignments in various mandals causing hue and cry from farmers. The survey stones are being erected at various places as part of the land alignment.

It is also observed that a few changes were done in the ORR map released by the Government last year. The stone work has been started in Kanchikacherla - Veerulapadu lane. The ORR passes through Lingapuram, Dharanikota, Munnaluru, Moguluru, Kanchikacherla etc.

In Veerulapadu Mandal, the villages of Ponnavaram, Narasimha rao palem, chennarao palem, Jujjur, Timmapuram, Duggiralapadu, Gangineni palem, G Kondur villages will be covered by ORR.

In Veerulapadu mandal, only Narasimha rao palem will be inside ORR and Perakalapadu, Jagannadhapuram, Jujjur, Alluru, Peddapuram, chennaraopalem, timmapuram villages falls outside ORR. Several farmers of these areas are expressing concerns over the alignment of ORR as their farm lands will be hit by the project.

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